Vote for your next deep-fried miracle

    Photo from, licensed under Creative Commons.

    Northwestern, we know you like it fried. So do we. Fry it long, fry it deep, fry it every which way. Chicken. Doughnuts. Coca-Cola. As long as your food is soaked in grease, it is prime for sliding down the gastronomic tubes.

    That’s why we’re asking you to weigh in on our poll. What do you most want to put in a deep fryer? Chipotle burrito? Avocado? Oreos?

    Whatever food wins this poll, we will buy and fry. We will show you how to cook it in a vat of grease. We will give you a menu of side dishes to complement the fatty feast. Then we’ll eat it — on camera — and review it. Your road to greasy bliss — and heart failure — begins now. You have until Tuesday night at 10 p.m. Vote your stomach, not your health.


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