WAVE Productions recreates The Breakfast Club in the library
  • In the opening scene, Communication junior Matt Dial (Andrew), Communication sophomore Maggie Monahan (Claire) and Communication sophomore Maddie Napel (Ensemble) hang out in the library before detention, while Communication junior Shaina Wagner (Allison) lurks in the background.
  • Communication senior Aubrey McGrath (Mr. Vernon) confronts Zukoff (Bender) for back talking.
  • Wagner (Allison) yawns in the background while Communication sophomores Tatyana Aravena-Getzinger (Robin) and Elise Ammondson (Ensemble) write their essays in detention.
  • Zukoff (Bender), Dial (Andrew) and Wagner (Allison) hang out in the library during detention.
  • All five Breakfast Club members collapse on the floor of the library at the end of their dance as Ammondson (Ensemble) and Napel (Ensemble) look on.
  • Communication juniors Alex Zukoff (John Bender) and Tristan Chiruvolu (Ensemble and Producer) hang out in the library before detention.

WAVE Productions brought John Hughes' classic to life this past weekend by putting on a free show of The Breakfast Club in the University Library. Check out photos from rehearsal in the slideshow above.


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