We Haven’t Picked a Democratic Candidate Yet?!

    This is starting to get ugly, folks. Despite all hopes for a Clinton-Obama dream ticket, neither candidate has made a move in that direction. Both candidates have said that it’s too early to discuss possible VP picks, though the closer we get to the Democratic Convention without a clear winner, the bigger the rift in the party is becoming.

    A recent poll from Quinnipiac University (yeah, we’d never heard of it before either) shows that both Democrats would beat John McCain if the election were held today. But CNN reported that West Virginia exit polls from yesterday indicated that majorities of both candidates’ supporters would not support the other Democratic candidate in the general election—and that’s where the problem lies. Whoever the Democratic candidate is, they’re going to need their fallen opponent’s supporters in order to win. The longer this fight continues, the bigger the rift in the Democratic party will get and the harder it will be to bring the two sides together behind either Obama or Clinton.

    That same poll reported that 45 percent of Democrats want Obama to be the nominee and 41 percent want Clinton. But 63 percent said Clinton should keep running, and 60 percent said Obama should pick her as his running mate if he is the nominee, so basically we can conclude that the American people (or at least the Democrats) don’t really know what they want.

    In any case, Hillary Clinton is fashioning herself as the underdog, and now that she’s won West Virginia she’s “more determined than ever” to keep on fighting. Media outlets can’t decide how to react; some insist that her win in West Virginia was a big deal, while others are saying that in the grand scheme it really doesn’t matter because Obama has the nomination sewn up.

    I’m going to go take a nap. Someone wake me when we’ve picked a Democratic candidate.


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