Week in Review April 29: bags, kilts and B.o.B.

    In case you were busy releasing your birth certificate, here’s a recap of some news you may have missed this week.

    Northwesterners rally in support of James Foley
    About 25 students, faculty members and members of the Evanston community came to Crowe Hall Wednesday afternoon in support of detained journalist and Medill graduate James Foley. Foley has been held captive by pro-Muammar Gaddafi forces in Libya for more than 23 days. We’ve got the full story right here.

    Dog walkers, suffocation enthusiasts gather in protest
    The Evanston City Council is considering banning disposable plastic bags, or at least imposing a tax on them. In a meeting Monday night, the council debated the measure before deciding to hold off on making a decision. Head over to our stunt drivers at The Daily Northwestern for more.

    Now if only the sun would actually come out, ESW says
    Engineers for a Sustainable World and the Northwestern Sustainability Fund worked together to build the Centennial Solar Panel System, Northwestern’s first source of onsite renewable energy, a project that took two years. The system takes up most of the usable roof space on Ford Motor Company Engineering Design Center and will soon be connected to the building’s electric grid. We’ve got the whole thing here.

    Tilted Kilt already looking to open new location in frat quad
    Community opposition to the liquor license application of the Tilted Kilt became clear, as an online petition to revoke it exceeded its target goal of 100 signatures. The Celtic-themed restaurant is controversial due to the Hooters-like dress code of its waitresses. Check out The Daily for more, or decide for yourself at the Tilted Kilt website.

    Mayfest also confirms Obama is American, winter is cold

    Mayfest representatives have finally confirmed rumors that B.o.B. will indeed be headlining Dillo Day, scheduled for May 28th. They also noted that there is a strong possibility Mayfest will be announcing another artist on May 1. We’ve got the whole story here.


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