Week in Review April 6

    In case you were busy baking your apple pie for Opening Day, here’s a recap of some news you may have missed this week.

    “Maybe next year,” A&O tells softly weeping members of Godsmack
    Major Lazer will headline the A&O Ball at the Riviera Theatre on Saturday, April 14, while comedian John Oliver will perform on campus on Friday, April 20. Individual tickets are $10, though students can buy both in a $15 bundle. We’ve got the whole story right here.

    Northwestern asks for the money in quarters, since it hasn’t done laundry in, like, forever
    Howard Brown Health Center, a gay, lesbian and bisexual health center that has worked with Northwestern in HIV/AIDS research, will repay the university $1.7 million after improperly spending the money on operational costs. The funds were supposed to be used for research. Head over to our terms of endearment at The Daily Northwestern for more.

    Early attack ads focus on Dodge’s multiple divorces, Shao’s lack of conservative credentials and Tully’s potentially being a shape-shifting robot sent back in time to eradicate the human race
    The 2012 ASG presidential campaigns began Monday at midnight, and Week in Review has little to say that hasn’t already been better expressed in sidewalk chalk. We’ve got an interactive guide to the candidates here.

    Only Rep. Quixote (D – Evanston) voiced any opposition to the project
    Great Lakes governors and President Obama signed a memorandum on Friday in support of offshore wind resources. This is a good thing for Evanston, whose officials have long pushed for the construction of nearby wind farms. The Daily has more right here.

    Editor to Week in Review: “If you make a joke about Professor Bailey writing the One Book selection, you’re fired”
    There are no children here – the NU Class of 2016 will be reading Never a City So Real by Alex Kotlowitz, a Medill lecturer, as part of the One Book One Northwestern program. Never a City So Real focuses on obscure Chicagoans in order to explore the city’s culture and politics. We’ve got the whole story here.

    Cries of anguish fall on deaf ears, cold hearts
    The NBA Jam arcade machine in the Norris ground floor remains broken at press time. No plans have been announced to repair the bastion of student entertainment and culture. Calls to Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton to team up for a charity event to raise money for the machine have not yet been returned.


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