Week in Review Jan. 6: Rush and a rink

    In case you were busy remembering what homework feels like, here’s a recap of some news you may have missed this week.

    Head over to Norris for some ice skating fun. Photo by Tomas Cebula, licensed under Creative Commons.

    Sigma Nu brothers worried they’re not getting enough pledges
    It’s rush week, and scores of freshmen have been descending on north campus for free Chipotle and the chance to tell dozens of people their majors, dorms and hometowns. Fraternity members, meanwhile, are on the lookout for brotherhood, a sense of responsibility and someone who can really shore up the IM dodgeball team, because they’ve totally got a shot this year. Check out our breakdown of first night drops by dorm here (spoiler alert: Elder and Bobb have a lot).

    Morty also planning arcade, laser tag arena in effort to bring more birthday parties to Norris
    The University has opened a new ice skating rink on the East Lawn of Norris. The rink, which was proposed by President Schapiro and built in December, will be free for student use. Skates can be rented from Norris Outdoors for $3 for students with a WildCard, $5 for faculty and staff and $7 for guests of students, faculty and staff. Head over to our rush crushes at The Daily Northwestern for more.

    Accusations of age discrimination on the part of area bouncers, however, remain unheeded
    Members of Northwestern’s faculty have been working for the past year to implement a bias incident reporting team on campus to make it easier for students to deal with bias-related incidents. According to Doris Dirks, coordinator of the LGBT Resource Center, a victim could report a bias incident via a hotline or a website. Within 24 hours, the team would contact the victim and discuss options. We’ve got the whole story right here.

    Students report the updated classrooms make falling asleep in lecture better than ever
    Harris Hall officially reopened Monday after being closed for renovations, which began almost a year ago. The building has improved classrooms, new faculty lounges, staff offices and electrical, plumbing, sprinkler and fire alarm systems. Check out The Daily for more.

    Documents reveal that the city’s police chief is just a poetry major on work-study
    Evanston, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, has disclosed the salaries of city employees. This makes it possible, apparently for the first time, for the public to compare the pay of Evanston city workers with that of their counterparts in other towns. Head to Evanston Now for more, including a pay comparison with Skokie and Wilmette.


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