Week in Review May 6: ethics, dreams and truthiness

    In case you were busy brushing up on your journalism ethics, here’s a recap of some news you may have missed this week.

    In a similar story, irate readers have accused Week in Review of “questionable humor practices”
    According to an investigation by our friends we’d like to have no more than one drink with at The Daily Northwestern, students in Professor David Protess’ investigative journalism class engaged in “questionably ethical reporting tactics” while interviewing sources in wrongful conviction cases. Protess is in the news after Medill barred him from teaching the class this quarter. The Daily has more right here.

    Meanwhile, Worst Coast to headline A&O’s Dumpsters Behind Tech Benefit Show
    Indie rock band Best Coast is set to headline A&O’s Spring Benefit Show on Sunday, May 8 at the Lakefill. Admission to the show, which starts at 6:30 p.m., is free with a suggested donation, which will go towards Dance Marathon’s 2012 beneficiary. We’ve got the whole story right here.

    In other news, the NIGHTMARE Act was narrowly voted down
    The Illinois Senate passed the Illinois DREAM Act 45-11 Wednesday. The bill will go to the state House of Representatives for a vote soon. Check out The Daily for the full story.

    Colbert set to receive doctorate in truthiness
    Commencement speaker Stephen Colbert will be receiving an honorary degree during commencement on June 17. Three other honorary degrees will also be given out. We’ve got more right here.

    In response, terrorists throw down all arms, surrender en masse
    After President Obama announced Sunday that Osama bin Laden had been killed by U.S. forces, some students reacted by parading through campus while chanting, singing and waving American flags. We have more coverage of the event here.


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