Week in Review Oct. 22: Homecoming, earthquakes and sexual health
    A Northwestern professor says you shouldn’t have to worry about earthquakes in Chicago. Photo by martinluff on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons.

    In case you were busy enjoying all the free time the quarter system has to offer, here’s a recap of some news you may have missed this week.

    To contextualize, that’s more than 17,072 items off the BK dollar menu
    NU Stands with Pakistan announced Tuesday that it had raised more than $17,072 for Oxfam America. That means the group more than doubled its goal of raising $1 per undergraduate. We’ve got the full story right here.

    If elected, all candidates vow to rule with iron fist
    The polls for Homecoming court opened Monday, inciting a flurry of Facebook invitations. The polls don’t close until Friday at midnight, so you still have time to clear out your inboxes and have your voice heard. If you can’t decide whom to vote for, check out this candidate slideshow from our soul sisters at The Daily Northwestern.

    Trojan apologizes after survey lasts only 45 seconds
    In its fifth annual Sexual Health Report Card, Trojan Condoms ranked Northwestern 63rd out of 141 schools. The list was made up of 12 variables, including the availability of anonymous advice, sexual assault programs, student peer groups and the cost and availability of condoms. The University of Chicago was not listed in the report card, as sex must actually occur for a school to receive a grade. We have an extended version of the story here.

    ‘Quality of student publications’ listed as number one factor in ranking
    Despite our poor performance in the eyes of Trojan, Forbes Magazine ranked Northwestern the best undergraduate institution in the Midwest in a list released on Monday. The magazine had previously named NU the 18th best college in the country. Head over to The Daily for more.

    Dragon attacks, however, remain a constant threat
    Northwestern geologist Seth Stein has good news — there is little reason to fear earthquakes here in the Midwest. Stein is the author of Disaster Deferred: How New Science Is Changing Our View of Earthquake Hazards in the Midwest, which looks at the science behind seismic predictions. Check out Northwestern News for more.


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