Week in Review for Oct. 14: Night Owl, runners and allergy research

    In case you were busy kicking Michigan fans off your lawn, here’s a recap of some news you may have missed this week.

    Violators, however, will still be forced to wear a scarlet reminder of their infraction
    Members of the Evanston Planning and Development Committee voted to get rid of a controversial list of properties under investigation from the city website. The list, which contained 52 properties, was a source of ire for landlords who questioned its accuracy and usefulness. Head on over to our kismeses at The Daily Northwestern for more.

    The more controversial Rorschach program has yet to be voted on
    ASG Senate convened for the first time this quarter, unanimously passing a resolution to fund Night Owl, a new student group aiming to plan and run “late-night programming” for students. This programming could include outdoor movies, speaker series, bingo nights and carnivals. We’ve got the full story here.

    Forbes must have noticed Dollar Crepes going up to $1.25
    According to a report released by Forbes magazine, Northwestern is the country’s ninth most expensive college to attend. The article reported a yearly cost for NU students of $56,406 including tuition, room and board, textbooks and transportation. The University, on the other hand, claims that the report fails to take scholarships and financial aid into account. The Daily has more here.

    Northwestern runners celebrated with Edzo’s afterward
    About 37,400 runners – including a few Northwestern students – ran 26.2 miles Sunday in the Chicago Marathon. We’ve got a photo slideshow of the race right here.

    Scientists now setting their sights on a cure for procrastination
    A new study from Northwestern Medicine suggests that researchers have found a way to turn off peanut allergies by tricking the immune system into thinking the nut proteins aren’t a threat. If successful, this approach may be able to target more than one food allergy at a time. For more, check out Northwestern Newscenter.


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