Weekly 2k12 Roundup: February 13-19

    Unless you were glued to your Twitter feed this week, you probably missed something. If you did, North By Northwestern has you covered. Here’s what you didn’t catch from this week in the GOP ’12 field.

    Photo by Jessica Rinaldi on Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons.

    Well, that's awkward

    As the candidates gear up for Feb. 28 primaries in Michigan and Arizona, Mitt Romney can be found desperately trying to convince Michigan voters that he really supports Detroit automakers, despite ferocious 2008 comments to the contrary. In fact, not only did Romney oppose the auto bailout in an outspoken way, he argued to "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" (his words — not ours). It doesn't seem to help Romney's case that he was born in Michigan, as it seems to some that he was quick to abandon his home state in the midst of the most intense economic shitstorm since the Great Depression. Yikes. Good luck on this one, Mitt.

    Photo by Gage Skidmore on Wikimedia Commons. Licensed under Creative Commons.

    Disowning Mother Earth

    Meanwhile, in the realm of the true conservatives, Rick Santorum told Ohioans Feb. 18 that President Obama subscribes to a theology that's not "based on the Bible," one that instead takes the view of "radical environmentalists," who value the Earth over human prosperity. A Republican attacking Obama's "world view"? How refreshing! It's great to see this election cycle won't be a repeat of the last four years, during which GOPers purporting to be concerned only with the economy instead used the airwaves to question Obama's religious sensibilities.


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