Weekly 2k12 Roundup February 6-12

    Unless you were glued to your Twitter feed this week, you probably missed something. If you did, North By Northwestern has you covered. Here’s what you didn’t catch from this week in the GOP ’12 field.

    Santorum Spreads
    Rick Santorum emerged the victor in Minnesota, Colorado and Missouri, keeping with what seems like one of 2012's only unifying trends: wild-card primary performances. In a sentiment not totally uncommon among pundits, or people who know that Santorum goes around alternately comparing homosexuality to beastiality and incest, Slate's David Weigel voices his trepidation to accept these results. It should be noted, but isn't prominently by the media, that Missouri's contest was non-binding and won't weigh into that state's delegate selection.

    Questions About Romney's GOP Cred
    Despite an all-important endorsement the week before last by a eyuge name in American politics, Donald Trump, Mitt Romney keeps running into criticisms of his conservative street cred. Long maligned by members of the party and conservative pundits as a RINO — Republican In Name Only — Romney can't seem to rise above these complaints. Even everyone's favorite Fox News Channel contributor called him "a great candidate," but said she wasn't "convinced" of his true red conservatism.


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