What dancers are craving during Block 2

    As dancers are getting into the groove in Block 2, hunger pangs are inevitably kicking in. Here's what some dancers are craving.

    "Popsicles. They have sugar, and they’re so cold in the hot tent."
    Jesse Rothschild, Communication senior.

    "Fruit again. It’s sweet, but it’s healthy and it has liquid."
    Kate McCarter, Weinberg freshman.

    "Orange chicken by Joy Yee’s. It’s so good, and it’s so filling."
    Alex Ayerdi, Weinberg sophomore.

    "Strawberries. We just had strawberries the last block, and it was so good."
    Tony Chen, Weinberg freshman.

    "A smoothie, because it’s refreshing and cold."
    Connor Tatooles, Weinberg sophomore and Matt Mrozek, SESP junior.

    "Mexican. It hits the spot."
    Nathan Jimenez, Weinberg senior.

    "Chocolate because I want some sweets, like it gives me energy."
    Anna Kwak, Weinberg freshman.

    "Fresh fruit, because you’re really parched."
    Lucy Yang, Weinberg freshman.

    "Green peppers. They’re my face."
    Charlie Lucke, Weinberg freshman.

    "Pizza, because it’s really filling and gives me lots of energy. It’s much better than an energy bar."
    Michael McCarthy, Medill freshman.

    "Chocolate-covered Craisins. Chocolate, texture, perfect."
    Madhuri Sathish, Medill freshman.


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