What happened at ASG Senate?

    Students submitted exactly 175 ideas to the 5K Initiative, ASG President Austin Young announced at Wednesday night’s Senate. Of those, 86 are plausibly viable, presumably excluding the proposal for a Northwestern superhero. The 5K Committee will whittle down the pool to five and put those to an all-student vote.

    Young comes off of a four-day trip to his home state of Florida with Morty and the Office of Alumni Relations and Development, replete with swanky old-people cocktail lunches. Later this month, Young will also travel to Yale with the UChicago student body president to an international student activism conference on global nuclear disarmament.

    In other Senate news:

    ASG to update unofficial guide on how gross Sargent smells, among other things Commissioned under former ASG President Mike McGee, the Unofficial Student Guide offers a broad review of Northwestern’s finest features, including Allison’s euphoric Ellery and Sargent’s delightfully grumpy sandwicher Doretha. ASG Services VP David Harris, SESP sophomore, said the two-year-old guide is “inaccessible and daunting.” Harris and three senators will update the guide and advertise the new info to incoming freshmen. “The Web site itself is just a bunch of text, and frankly, most of what you’d find there can be found on other university pages,” he said. The goal is to provide an “informative, interesting, and accessible” take on campus life.

    Food Truck Festival and other fun things on wheels ASG will partner with Dance Marathon to host a jubilee (yes, jubilee) of food trucks on campus Feb. 18. Ten to 15 percent of profits will benefit DM. Young also confirmed Cash Cab is coming to SafeRide. ASG is seeking Northwestern-themed donations as prizes students can earn by answering unexpected questions on late night travels.

    Selectception: Senate selects members to select next Financial Vice President ASG elected junior Amalia Namath and sophomore Matt Sachaj to serve on the selection committee for ASG’s next Financial Vice President, a typically powerful ASG member with oversight of A-status student groups and funding. FVP Jeremy Yablon’s term will expire Feb. 15.

    Parliamentarian warns senators of pending absence infractions ASG Rules guru Jill Grewe issued a stern alert to Senate on the mounting number of member absences. Elected senators are subject to removal from office after two full absences, which has become a growing trend at Wednesday’s meetings.

    Code Review aims to protect ASG from lawyers Senate passed a broad set of bylaw amendments, including a rider protecting ASG from legal action. “Agreeing to participate in ASG is also an agreement to accepts its dispute resolution system as a final arbiter,” the amendment read, “and not subject to appeal to other university or legal processes.” The Code alteration comes two years since a threatening legal battle embroiled Senate after a salacious e-mail engaged in alleged libel with its liberal use of the word “douchebag.” #ShitASGSenatorsSay

    NBN welcomes Matt Bellassai, former ASG Presidential candidate and Public Relations Vice President, as Special ASG Correspondent this quarter. Please see our note on his coverage.


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