What the heck is a Sea Kitten?

    The folks over at PETA are at it again! The group, best known for turning the extremely noble cause of animal rights into a laughing stock via outrageous stunts (while also inspiring the knuckleheaded movement of “I EAT LOTS OF MEAT TAKE THAT PETA,” just Facebook group search it out), wants to raise awareness for the protection of fish. But fish aren’t exactly the cutest critters in the sea, so people are far less willing to get behind protecting them than, say, the Red Panda. PETA, in a branding move that would make Medill proud, has decided to rename fish Sea Kittens because, well, who wants to hurt a Sea Kitten? Much like dressing an alligator up in a chicken costume, PETA hopes to trick people into saving the fish by casting them as another, more snuggable animal.

    Unfortunately, PETA’s Sea Kittens are still just ugly fish who won’t be featured on this blog if I have anything to do with it. Instead, let’s focus on videos of actual kittens that somehow tie into the “sea.” First off, how about a sea of kittens?

    These kittens show off their “sea legs” in this video. Though, I don’t see any water. Maybe they are on a really well-furnished submarine.

    The next feline duo enjoys walking alongside the sea, and they don’t even freak out when the tide comes in at hits their paws. Also, I realize I haven’t made the required “PETA throws blood on people, isn’t that weird” joke everyone makes when talking about PETA. So yeah…blood.

    And finally, a cat in a box. You might be wondering “I don’t see any ocean in this” but look a little closer. See, cat!


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