What's in your fanny pack?
  • DM presents a special challenge for people who wear contacts - so this dancer brought her high school glasses. She also had a Luna bar and gum for sustenance during the long night.
  • This DBR committee member doubled up on portable phone chargers for the 30 hours. "I always have to stay connected," he said.
  • Fanny packs speak the things our heart cannot say sometimes. This dancer's fanny pack stood out to us among the sea of classic sorority fanny packs as a tongue-in-cheek ode to the fun, playful tone of DM, even in a tent in which sweat rains from the ceiling.
  • Dope DM accessory? Check. This dancer's boss from Northwestern Student Affairs gifted her a vintage Dillo Day fanny pack in honor of her first fanny pack. She went the more prepared route, carrying tissues, chapstick, gum, and, of course... her phone.
  • Some of the guys were less prepared for DM, like this dancer, who literally only had a fanny pack as a vessel for his phone. If DM gave out awards, this dude would win World's Smallest Fanny Pack.
  • In addition to 5-Hour Energy drinks, this dancer's fanny pack had Carmex, a Palm Pilot (why? the mystery remains), and "a couple of secrets," he revealed before winking and disappearing into the hot mosh pit at the base of the stage.
Photos by Paola de Varona / North by Northwestern

The DM tent is a red carpet for the latest in costume, athleisure and fanny pack fashion. We take a look at the basic, the smart and the weird things people carry in their fanny packs during Block 2. 


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