What's our fantasy? Ludacris at the A&O Ball

    Ludacris has been asking the world “What’s Your Fantasy” for the better part of nine years. And soon, he’ll be posing that age old question once again, this time in person when he performs at this year’s A&O Ball.

    Ludacris leaves little unclear in “What’s Your Fantasy” from his 2000 album Back for the First Time, one of his most recognizable songs. Specifying favorite places (a public bathroom and 50-yard line at the Georgia Dome are just two) and his, well, sexual fantasies (we’re talking costumes, horses, vampires and school girl costumes), he makes one thing abundantly clear: Ludacris is up for just about anything.

    By the time his second album, Word of Mouf, was released in 2001, Ludacris had apparently had his fill of sexual promiscuity and female fantasies. His club hit “Move Bitch” includes lyrics like “If your friends jump in, ‘Ohh gurl,’ they’ll be mo’ dead.” Even Luda needs his space.

    With Kanye West working as producer, Ludacris created his next hit, one of his most mainstream to date, “Stand Up” on his 2003 album Chicken-N-Beer. In addition to the badassery of his subtle, but delicious, album title, check out the video at the 0:50 timestamp for the eloquence of “Watch out for the medallion my diamonds are wreckless / Feels like a midget is hanging from my necklace.” Spray painted midgets? We’re listening.

    His fourth album The Red Light District, released in 2004, included the slightly more aggressive “Get Back.” Portrayed in the video as having biceps that even Hulk Hogan would envy, the song was supposedly the result of Ludacris’s annoyance with the paparazzi, acting as a warning to those who may harass and stalk that: “I came, I saw, I hit him right there in the jaw.”

    But Ludacris is also an accomplished actor, philanthropist and entrepreneur, among other things. He was part of the “Outstanding Cast in a Motion Picture” for his work in Crash, which won at the Screen Actors Guild. The Ludacris Foundation also works with a number of organizations, including Chicago-based National Runaway Switchboard, for issues such as safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness as well as encouraging younger people to work in the creative arts.

    He is also the co-founder of Disturbing tha Peace along with his manager Chaka Zulu. As an artist, Ludacris has been nominated for 17 Grammy Awards, winning three including “Best Rap Album” for his 2007 album Release Therapy. And according to the the Recording Industry Association of America, Ludacris is currently the highest-selling Southern hip hop solo artist of all time. Clearly, we’re all in for a treat.


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