Where did the data in the housing explainer come from?

    For years before 2000, we found all the enrollment information in the NU Department of Planning’s Statistical and Faculty Summaries. Those later were called Data Books, and they’re freely available at the University Archives. Only full-time students are included in our data, and – because the university didn’t seem to collect them – we don’t have Greek or off-campus housing figures for the 1979—1980 school year.

    Information after 1998, when the university digitized its data, actually becomes harder to find. Some of the early digitized records are available through the Internet Archive. The old version of the ’99-’00 data book is available, for example, in PDF form. Enrollment information for 1994—2010 can be found on the Office of the Registrar’s current site, but that has no information about housing or Greek life.

    So NBN pieced the rest of the post-millennium data together. On-campus figures for this century were provided by the associate director of university housing, Mark D’Arienzo. Recent Greek housing data appear only to be available after 2005, and they were derived from Grade Reports provided to NBN by the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.


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