Which celebrity would like to dance with this block?

    Everything difficult is easier with a friend, and even easier when that friend is the celebrity you've always admired. In Block 5, we asked you which celebrity you'd want to do DM with and why.

    “Jerry Springer, ‘cause he’s the man.”
    Scott Ballen, Weinberg junior

    “Zac Efron, ‘cause he’s hot.”
    Tina Shin, Weinberg freshman

    “Just one? Can I do two? Beyonce and Bruno Mars.”
    Kate Ma, SESP senior

    “Christina Hendricks.” Why? “You can answer that question yourself”
    Isaac Yampolsky, Weinberg freshman

    “Beyonce, hands down. She’s the hottest.”
    Leila Green, Weinberg freshman

    “Amy Adams. She’s my dream woman.”
    Ryan Holmes, Medill senior


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