Which Neko Atsume cat are you?
    Courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons

    Students across campus have been taking care of dozens of cats per day. You’re probably thinking that’s not possible, but oh boy, it is. The app Neko Atsume: Kitty Collector has taken the world by storm after it was released by Hit Point, a Japanese company, in October 2014. Small cats show up to your virtual yard if you leave toys and food. They hang out for a while, then scurry along to what’s assumed to be the next person’s yard.

    The cats are nothing short of adorable, and they all have their own personalities. There are normal cats like Snowball, a mellow cat, and Fred, a lady-killer, and then there are the rare cats. The rare cats require special furniture and food to be bought, but they have special personalities. There’s Guy Furry, a chef/cat whose personality is described as “artisan,” and Joe DiMeowgio, who’s a team player.

    It’s hard to say why this game is so addicting, but New York Times writer Ryan Bradley guesses it has to do with the pleasing aesthetics and cuteness of the game. He also alludes to the way the cats in the game mimic real cats in that they can’t be trained or bothered: you just have to let them do them. Want to see which cat’s personality fits yours best? Take the quiz and find out.


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