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    In NBN audio’s newest podcast series, Carrie Twersky and Danielle Cohen discuss anything and everything pop culture. This week, it’s everything from Dillo to Kylie Jenner. Transcript below.

    Carrie Twersky: Hello, welcome to Whine Time. I’m Carolyn Twersky, you can call me Carrie. I am a junior journalism student, also majoring in sociology. I’m from Connecticut and I was recently mistaken for Kendall Jenner by a homeless man on the Davis L stop.

    Dani Cohen: I’m Danielle Cohen, but you can call me Dani. I’m a sophomore majoring in journalism, minoring in theater studies and working toward a certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications. I’m from New York and last weekend I only cried twice because I wasn’t getting enough attention at my sister’s bat mitzvah.

    Carrie: Ok, so welcome to NBN’s first ever pop culture podcast.

    Dani: Here, we’re going to talk about everything from Dillo headliner’s to Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial.

    Carrie: We’re also going to be interviewing campus celebrities, playing games and hopefully making your walk down Sheridan Road a little more enjoyable.

    Dani: Today’s word of the day is “literally”. That means that every time you hear us say the word literally we want you to drink. You can drink whatever you want.

    Carrie: Yeah, so we’re drinking some wine juice boxes.

    Dani: I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that I’m drinking because I’m 20, but I am.

    Carrie: Sorry mom. Ok, so our first topic is Dillo. So Mayfest just announced that Gramatik is the first headliner. Was it headliner?

    Dani: I guess, but apparently Gramatik is like the second to last person going up, which means it – and I say it because I literally thought Gramatik was like a mathematical symbol. Gramatik is the second to last person to go up for Dillo, which means it’s the second most important person, which really terrifies me.

    Carrie: Ok, so wait so in relation to last year, who was that last year?

    Dani: I don’t know because I only made it to Schoolboy Q last year and I don’t even know if that’s his correct name. I literally knew one song.

    Carrie: I did not even make it to Schoolboy Q, so congratulations.

    Dani: Did you make it to anything?

    Carrie: I went to the Mowgli’s.

    Dani: Ok, so that’s pretty good. I napped for like 50% of Dillo so like end of the day, what we need to be asking is how much do these people actually matter?

    Carrie: Ok, but I actually listened to his stuff. Him? Her? Them? I don’t know. And I kind of liked it. It was kind of like jazz.

    Dani: Is it like rap jazz?

    Carrie: Maybe. I don’t know.

    Dani: I’m doing a quick Gramatik search. Ok, he’s Slovenian. Is that how you pronounce it?

    Carrie: Yes.

    Dani: A Slovenian hip hop and electronic music producer.

    Carrie: Yeah, so we’re not really sure how to feel about Gramatik. Probably won’t make it there.

    Dani: What’s more popular than Gramatik though is the new Swine ’09.

    Carrie: Wow, what a transition.

    Dani: I thought that was pretty flawless.

    Carrie: Yeah, so the norovirus is taking over Northwestern, specifically the sorority quad. I was quarantined from our sorority house over the weekend. But yeah, no so it’s Swine ’09 all over again. Dani and I both went to camp, we both experienced Swine ’09.

    Dani: I actually have a good Swine ’09 story. The night before I got it. My parents, I had a phone call with them and they were like, “If you get Swine ’09 let us know and we will come and get you right away.” And I was like, “I’m not going to get Swine ’09 guys calm down.” Six a.m. the next morning I wake up hysterically crying. My camp friend whose parents happen to own the camp has to take me to her parent’s house because I’m inconsolable and they take me to the health center where they’re like, “Yeah, you’re swinin’.”

    Carrie: That sounds like a cool like…

    Dani: I know.

    Carrie: “You’re swinin’.”

    Dani: I was literally home within 12 hours.

    Carrie: That’s insane. Well all my friends had Swine ’09 and I didn’t, so obviously I pretended like I did and got sent home for the weekend for no reason. Just because I wanted to be part of it.

    Dani: My favorite part of Swine ’09 was honestly like, I don’t know if you guys played soccer games, but if you played soccer and you would get in a line after and high five everyone like, “Good game, good game, good game.” And during Swine people would put up their elbows and be like, “Swine, Swine, Swine!”

    Carrie: That’s so awful. That’s so awful. Yeah, our camp gave out shirts that said, I survived, oh no, I torched the Swine because our mascot is the torch. I don’t know–

    Dani: That’s bad.

    Carrie: Fuck you!

    So, our next topic is the fact that Kylie Jenner is getting a show. I personally like Kylie Jenner.

    Dani: Unpopular opinion, I don’t like Kylie Jenner.

    Carrie: I feel like that’s not that unpopular. I feel like a lot of people don’t like her.

    Dani: Ok, but I feel like for us.

    Carrie: Do you follow her on Instagram and Snapchat?

    Dani: No.

    Carrie: Ok, wow. That’s huge.

    Dani: I just honestly, I feel like everyone else is at least a tad smart. I get she’s a businesswoman, whatever, she’s like an idiot.

    Carrie: I’m sorry lip kits? Her whole makeup line! It’s insane!

    Dani: None of that is her. None of that is her.

    Carrie: She’s making the second most amount of money and she’s like 20. She’s 19!

    Dani: I think Kendall is easily the most talented one.

    Carrie: Oh, well I am Kendall according to the homeless man at the Davis stop.

    Dani: You’re not, but she’s so talented. She’s a model. She has wanted to do this forever. Kylie literally just got lip implants and was like, “Oh, ok, I’ll do this!” I don’t know, I just, I’m not a fan.

    Carrie: Thoughts of Kylie aside, she is getting her new show, which I think is honestly not fair because Kylie Jenner has enough attention. Give her show to someone else. Give her show to us.

    Dani: Well, also she’s already on another show.

    Carrie: I know. She doesn’t need a new show. That show is going to flop in one season because no one’s going to watch it.

    Dani: It’s not going to flop, that’s like such a lie.

    Carrie: It’s going to flop!

    Dani: No. As someone who’s not her fan like objectively she’s going to do super well.

    Carrie: No one even watches Keeping Up with the Kardashians anymore, they’re not going to watch her new show, too.

    Dani: Do they?

    Carrie: No, the ratings are definitely down.

    Dani: I feel like if they streamed it on like Netflix that would be a good call.

    Carrie: If it were on Netflix I would watch it all of the time.

    Dani: That’s kind of actually a call. TV is dead, you heard it here first.

    Carrie: E! News, put your show on Netflix. Why are no E! shows on Netflix?

    Dani: Well because I feel like a lot of it is like “to be continued” drama and you can’t really do that on Netflix. Unless...

    Carrie: It’s called a cliffhanger.

    Dani: Right but, there’s no reason why they can’t upload a video and then the next – like upload half the season and then upload the other half at another time. You know?

    Carrie: No.

    Dani: Like they usually upload the entire season at once, but there’s nothing saying like Netflix you can’t upload an entire TV show…

    Carrie: Like you’re saying people wouldn’t wait for the whole season to come out to watch it?

    Dani: No, I’m saying it would ruin the suspense because a lot of what Keeping Up with the Kardashians is, is like waiting for the next week.

    Carrie: Yeah I guess.

    Dani: But there’s no reason they can’t do that.

    Carrie: I don’t know. I don’t watch Keeping Up with the Kardashains.

    Dani: Same, so I can’t really say.

    Carrie: I mean I love–I follow all of the Kardashians. I follow their lives.

    Dani: I don’t.

    Carrie: But because of that like I was there when like Kim got robbed and I lived that whole thing so I’m not waiting five months to relive it. Like I lived it in real time.

    Dani: Well, apparently like the episode, the first one – no, not even that episode came out yet. The episode that just came out is Kanye’s breakdown.

    Carrie: Yeah, which is after. The episode...

    Dani: No.

    Carrie: Yes.

    Dani: Oh you’re right, you’re right, you’re right. I’m sorry.

    Carrie: But we’ve experienced that, like I don’t need to experience that again.

    Dani: So you think, maybe putting it on Youtube in live time? Like what’s the…

    Carrie: I don’t know. I really don’t know.

    Dani: I think maybe they ruined it for themselves.

    Carrie: I think that’s the issue with having a reality show about people who are so famous.

    Dani: They kind of ruined it for themselves.

    Carrie: Yeah. They Snapchat everything. They Instagram everything.

    Dani: What if it was like an Instagram live sort of thing?

    Carrie: No one would watch that. An hour long Instagram live story?

    Dani: I don’t know, I guess I’m wrong.

    Carrie: Ok, anyway I feel like we beat that to death.

    Dani: Too hard, too hard. Let’s go to our next topic, which is our first game. Which is: Would You Rather? Ok, our first question. Would you rather eat at Elder Dining Hall for every meal or have a class with all of your ex-hookups? I already know my answer so you go first.

    Carrie: Ok, well so as someone who lived in Elder. I know you did not, but I lived in Elder for a year and I actually loved Elder dining hall because I just had waffle with Nutella on it every single day. Yes, I gained a lot of weight freshman year, whatever. But having class with all of my ex-hookups sounds like hell. So, I would go eat in Elder dining hall everyday. You know, meet some freshmen, socialize. It was like a place to hang out.

    Dani: That’s really interesting to me because honestly, this is going to sound so horrible, but I just like pretty early on rejected all dining hall food. And I tend to like — something I kind of pride myself on is that I tend to only hook up with guys that I’m already friends with, so I would really honestly be fairly comfortable, except for one or two guys, to have a class with all my ex-hookups. It would probably be my closest guy friends.

    Carrie: Yeah, ok so that works for you. That’s an easy one. Ok, so our next one is not being able to go out at all or only being able to go out to the Deuce.

    Dani: I would go to the Deuce. I love the Deuce.

    Carrie: But what about if you want to go out on Saturday night? You would have to go to the Deuce. You would hang out with like townies.

    Dani: Well, is it like as in you would only go to the Deuce, but no one else is going?

    Carrie: I don’t know. I haven’t specified. But here’s the thing, maybe like DePaul hangs out at the Deuce on like Thursday nights — I mean Saturday nights.

    Dani: Actually, I’ll say that something I really started to appreciate this year was the ability to not go out, but still like drink and hang with friends.

    Carrie: Oh my god, Dani, you’re so cool.

    Dani: I’m really casual. Yeah, so I feel like not being able to go out at all.

    Carrie: Yeah, so what is the definition of going out? Going to a bar? Can you go to a friend’s house and drink with friends?

    Dani: I don’t think you can go to like a frat. You can’t go to a mixer.

    Carrie: You can’t go to a public place.

    Dani: Yeah.

    Carrie: Ok, that makes sense.

    Dani: Then I’m fine with that.

    Carrie: I would say not being able to go out then. You’d find your own fun.

    Dani: Ok, our next question is: Would you rather have every class on the fourth floor of University with a broken elevator or get the norovirus?

    Carrie: So ok, I think I’m going to go with the norovirus because I’ve had class on like a top floor of University before I knew there was an elevator when I was a freshman and it is hell. Like literally wearing your winter jacket walking up there. I was profusely sweating, heavy breathing by the time I got up there. It was awful. And also like norovirus, you know it’s there for a few days, you get over it you know.

    Dani: Honestly, I think I would say have every class on the fourth floor because, A, it’s like you can say like oh my god I worked out, I walked to the fourth floor and back down today; and also, honestly right now we’re on the fourth of McTrib and I walked up and down here.

    Carrie: Did you actually?

    Dani: Yeah, I always do when I come up here.

    Carrie: Wow. I waited for the elevator and the McTrib elevator is the slowest thing you’ve experienced in your whole entire life. It is hell.

    Dani: That’s why I’ve never waited for it. Next week we’re trying to get Neha and Rose on, but honestly, like we emailed them and they haven’t responded, so do any of you know Neha and Rose and can you ask them to respond to our emails?

    Carrie: So, we also want to end this episode with a little bit of advice for the upcoming week.

    Dani: This advice is brought to you by my mom. We got it right before we started this and I’m going to quote her, “Never let boys drink out of your butt. I see lots of stuff on I am schmucked.” I am going to assume she means I am schmacked, but you heard it here first. So, I’m Danielle Cohen.

    Carrie: I’m Carolyn Twersky.

    Carrie and Dani: And this is NBN Audio.

    Carrie: And never let boys drink out of your ass.


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