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    In this week’s Whine Time, Carrie Twersky and Danielle Cohen interview new ASG president Nehaarika Mulukutla and vice president Rosalie Gambrah. They also talk about brunch.

    Carrie Twersky: Hi, I’m Carrie.

    Dani Cohen: I’m Dani. And we’re reclaiming the word jappy.

    Carrie: And this is Whine Time. So…

    Dani: Welcome back! We kind of blew up. We’re campus celebrities, guys. What the fuck?

    Carrie: OK, so the word of the week is “insane.” My mom says that I’ve been using it too much and that I’m a smart girl who should be able to think of other words to say when I’m flabbergasted by something, but I just always say insane.

    Dani: That’s insane.

    Carrie: It is! So if you hear us say it, everyone please take a drink.

    Dani: This week’s show is brought to you by wine juice boxes!

    First up, whine about it, where we complain about shit. And you can complain about shit! Send us an email: whinetimenbn@gmail.com.

    Carrie: If you have anything that you’re really pissed about and you want to hear us be pissed about too, just send an email about it and we will talk about it.

    Dani: I honestly think this week’s might be a little bit heated, but this is the Cupitol pronunciation.

    Carrie: Oh my god, so real. I’ve honestly had physical fights with my friends about this.

    Dani: Same! OK, I believe it’s Coop-ee-tall because I like to believe things are classy and I believe it’s a beautiful European thing.

    Carrie: No, I love it.

    Dani: But then Carrie and I were kind of breaking it down because they do call it Cupital there. And Carrie was like…

    Carrie: You walk in and they say, “Welcome to Cupital.”

    Dani: And Carrie said that’s probably like capital, but with a U, but what if it is, cup-it-all. Like put it all in a cup.

    Carrie: And it makes sense because everything in there is served in a cup. Right?

    Dani: I mean, not everything. Well, actually, now that I’m thinking about it. Even the plates, if you think about it, they’re all rounded up slightly.

    Carrie: Like a bowl?

    Dani: Like a bowl. Like a cup. Like cupping it all.

    Carrie: See how we got there? It’s definitely Cupital. I will always call it Coop-ee-tall.

    Dani: Are we being unnecessarily bougie?

    Carrie: Always.

    Dani: Ok, that’s fair.

    Carrie: But like, it’s fine.

    Dani: They recognize my big like they know her order.

    Carrie: Yeah because I’m always there with her. And when I’m not they go, “Where’s your friend?”

    Dani: Next up, I don’t know if anyone else saw this. Bella Thorne snapchatted her entire first bikini-wax ever.

    Carrie: The whole thing, like it’s all up there and honestly, Bella Thorne is my idol because like…

    Dani: Really? Ugh.

    Carrie: She just does like whatever the fuck she wants.

    Dani: OK, I appreciate that. That’s like good for you. My mom actually texted me about her last week. She just looks really uh a lot now.

    Carrie: Oh, she looks disgusting.

    Dani: And I totally respect like do your thing. Honestly, if anything, I won’t lie. Her snapchatting this made me like her more.

    Carrie: Yeah, no, it’s really brave of her, and honestly we should all be snapchatting out bikini waxes. Would you ever snapchat your bikini wax?

    Dani: I think I would. Honestly.

    Carrie: I think you would too. I would not, but I feel like you definitely would.

    Dani: I think I would.

    Carrie: Ok, so we have Neha and Rose here. The new president and vice president of ASG. Congratulations.

    Dani: Just a couple of campus celebrities hanging out. Casual.

    Carrie: Yeah. It’s just four campus celebrities hanging out. OK, so can you guys just introduce yourselves? Tell us briefly about yourselves.

    Nehaarika (Neha) Mulukutla: I’m Nehaarika. I’m from Dallas, Texas. I’m an avid Cowboys fan. I’m a third year student here studying Economics, Legal Studies, minors in Entrepreneurship and Computer Science.

    Carrie: So, you have a lot of free time.

    Neha: Um, yeah.

    Rosalie (Rose) Gambrah: I’m Rose. I’m also from Texas. I’m a third year studying Poli Sci –I almost said Econ– Poli Sci and Legal Studies and I’m a minor in Classics.

    Carrie: So, we gave Neha and Rose some of our classic wine boxes.

    Dani: But with their faces on it.

    Carrie: Check out our Twitter.

    Dani: Basically, if you want to come on this show we will provide you with free alcohol.

    Carrie: So, can you guys just like go over what exactly you do in simplest terms? I’m a junior and I still have no clue.

    Dani: Are you my president?

    Neha: Our constituency is everybody on this campus. I’m your president, bow to me bitch.

    Rose: ASG is the Associated Student Government. It controls all funding for student groups. So, like the student activities fee that everyone pays with tuition goes to ASG, and that’s how you have events like Dillo, A&O Blowout, because ASG funds…

    Carrie: I didn’t know that.

    Rose: Yeah, ASG funds all ASG-recognized student groups on campus.

    Neha: I don’t know. We’re not really a government as much as we are a union. That’s kind of how I feel like we should be thought of is like we are the student union. We advocate on behalf of students to the administration what students actually want to do. Because a lot of times I think the administrators are all like 900-year-old people who like don’t understand what exactly student life here means and it’s not their fault, but it’s just like it’s our job and responsibility to tell them like this is what and average day to day student at Northwestern experiences and this is how you need to mitigate these issues.

    Carrie: Why did no one run against you guys?

    Rose: We are that intimidating.

    Dani: Is that rude of us to ask?

    Rose: No!

    Dani: We weren’t sure.

    Rose: They knew they would lose.

    Neha: Oh shit! Rose getting real. No I mean we subsumed our competition. We ate them for lunch. That’s what happened.

    Carrie: That’s good. I like that. Strong women. Bitch is the new black. I love it.

    Rose: There was some drama.

    Neha: There was a lot of drama.

    Carrie: Ooh I love drama.

    Rose: There was some drama should we get into the drama?

    Dani: Yes! We love drama.

    Neha: But the thing is there were other people considering running, but it wasn’t like they saw us running and they were too scared to run. It was more like some of them just I don’t know.

    Carrie: Chickened out?

    Neha: Couldn’t get their shit together.

    Carrie: Couldn’t handle the heat.

    Neha: Yeah.

    Carrie: OK, let’s move on to some more fun questions. Dani, want to go?

    Dani: So, we heard you guys are trying to make NU a wet campus. A, is that the right word like it sounds dirty.

    Carrie: That sounds really dirty.

    Dani: But B, is that true

    Neha: Well, OK I think there’s a lot of contention. Not contention, but like there’s a lot of misunderstanding around what the term dry campus and wet campus means so I think we’re going to start straying away from that and just saying like we want to do alcohol policy reform, and what that means is we want to be able — I think some of the big things that we want to push for is like open door policy, like the way that Wash U has and so Wash U, basically their alcohol policy is if you live in a dorm and you’re under 21 you can drink just as long as your door is open and you’re within visibility of your RA.

    Carrie: Oh, wow.

    Neha: Right. So it’s just like from a logistical perspective, that may be–like that puts a lot of liability…

    Dani: That’s very smart.

    Neha: But yeah.

    Rose: It puts a lot of liability on the school, but…

    Dani: But it also stops people from like binging.

    Rose: And like going…

    Carrie: And like if someone’s in trouble, it’s seen.

    Neha: Yeah, like I remember there was this time I took like 15 minutes to get home when I was like right next to the sorority quad and I lived in Willard.

    Dani: OK, I was literally on Sheridan like walking home one day like really really late at night with someone like going home to Bobb and I don’t know how, but we were like jumping over buildings, going through fences. I swear to God.

    Carrie: Dani you’re like three feet tall, you can’t jump over buildings.

    Dani: No I fell off a building, and I broke my ankle.

    Carrie: Sad turn. Sad turn.

    Neha: Reform the alcohol policy @PTI!

    Dani: What is your least favorite building on campus?

    Neha: Oh god. There’s so many of them.

    Dani: I know.

    Rose: There are so many.

    Dani: You can do like a top five.

    Neha: God there’s so many buildings that are disgusting about this campus. Ok right now. This is just like a side note. Right now, I just really hate that weird steam piping area that they’re constructing in front on University. Every time you walk there and there’s wind it smells like piss.

    Carrie: It’s so awful. It’s so awful.

    Dani: Who’s your campus crush?

    Carrie: They will hear this.

    Dani: Yeah. We’re pretty much famous at this point.

    Neha: What if they like put this on the internet and then he like asks me out? That needs to be the ROI that I set.

    Carrie: And then we will perform at your wedding.

    Dani: We will perform a podcast.

    Neha: Promise that this is the ROI that I get.

    Rose: Who is my campus crush?

    Neha: Yeah, who is my campus crush?

    Rose: I’m thinking.

    Carrie: Take a second.

    Neha: I have one.

    Carrie: OK. Go.

    Neha: Oh my god. No so we interviewed him for our ASG exec board, and like, this is the first time I ever met him and I was like, “I’m in love with you. Like why are you so awesome?” He did like sexual violence refugee work in Serbia. Right? Like so cool. And he’s just like so aware of everything and just like so I don’t know so….

    Carrie: So what’s his name?

    Dani: I feel like he knows now. He knows.

    Neha: Yeah like how many people do Serbian refugee work?

    Carrie: Yeah that’s so real so real. All these guys start texting us like, “Can you get us in touch with Neha? I did Serbian refugee work.”

    OK, so we’ll let you guys go, we just have one final question.

    Neha: Oh shit.

    Carrie: Who’s prettier? Me or Dani?

    Dani: Be honest. We need brutal honesty.

    Rose: What?

    Carrie: We’re keeping a tally for every guest we have.

    Neha: What if I said I didn’t actually catch your names when walking in, so like I don’t know who you are. Like I do know who you are.

    Dani: Point and then they don’t know.

    Neha: Oh yeah.

    Carrie: Oh my god!

    Dani: It was me.

    Carrie: No it wasn’t. It was our phallic microphone.

    Neha: No it is! It’s so phallic! That’s the first thing I thought about.

    Carrie: And also you’re like getting up close to it.

    Dani: The first time it was the two of us and we were like this is kind of hot.

    Neha: It’s too much. It’s like a lot.

    Carrie: Ok, fair. Don’t want to make any enemies.

    Neha: But I do know you’re Dani, and you’re Carrie. I got it.

    Carrie: OK, thank you guys so much for listening yet again. Everyone, if you have any questions, if you need advice...

    Dani: We’re great at advice.

    Carrie: We’re great at advice.

    Dani: We’re super stable!

    Carrie: We have our lives together and we want to help you now. And if you have anything that you just want to whine about, email us at whinetimenbn@gmail.com. That’s whine with an h so w-h-i-n-e-t-i-m-e-n-b-n@gmail.com.

    Dani: I thought you were going to fuck up.

    Carrie: Hell yes. So did I. And then also follow us on Twitter.

    Dani: Same thing.

    Carrie: Also whinetimenbn.

    Dani: And subscribe on iTunes! We’re on iTunes bitches!

    Carrie: Nobody knows how it happened, but it happened, so subscribe, rate us, give us five stars.

    Dani: Say you love us, we changed your life. We’re trying to get into the top ten, baby.

    Carrie: Honestly, like we’re trying to get famous, so help us out.

    Dani: And now, for this week’s advice, coming straight from my mother. She said, “no one will buy the cow if you give them the milk for free. And no one wants a used cow. These are metaphors. I hope your audience gets that.”

    Carrie: I think it’s for sex.

    Dani: I don’t know. It’s what she said every time she drove me to my boyfriend in high school’s house.

    Carrie: And did you listen to that advice?

    Dani: Of course.

    Carrie: Absolutely not.

    Dani: Waiting for marriage.

    Carrie: OK. I’m Carrie Twersky.

    Dani: I’m Dani Cohen.

    Carrie and Dani: And this is NBN Audio.


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