Why skunks aren't so bad

    Popular culture portrays the skunk as a scourge to humanity, a beast who lives only to spray stinky liquid on people. Blame mankind’s general disdain for rodent-like creatures, or blame that one episode of Rugrats where Chuckie got skunked and needed to be bathed in borscht to get the stink off. Regardless of how they became vilified, most people hate skunks and recoil at the very sight of them as if they’d just seen a Will Ferrell comedy.

    Sure, skunks aren’t all roses, but they can be pretty cool critters. Like many other furry mammals, they can be really cute, and I intend to show you through the power of YouTube how precious these rank rat-posers can be. Just look at this guy, he’s just a baby!

    Besides showing how adorable they can be, I’m also going to share some pro-skunk facts with you. People focus on the fear of a skunk attack, but according to this site, the smelly creatures aren’t aggressive at all and only come out at night. Anybody roaming the streets after midnight probably deserves to be skunked. Or they were just going to Burger King, but life is tough.

    What do skunks mainly eat? Insects! Sounds gross, and something more appropriate for Fear Factor (what happened to that show?), but their bug-chomping habits actually help us out. I mean, does anybody outside the second-grade actually like bugs? You ever seen them on this blog? I say thank you to all skunk-kind, for devouring the horrible insect threat. Video of a skunk eating a banana below.

    Skunks can dig their own burrows, but sometimes they just steal the abandoned homes of other animals. Like homeless people!

    You don’t have to love skunks. You don’t even have to like skunks. But try to respect them a little bit. For being cute. For eating bugs I would otherwise have to touch. For looking pretty cool. Yeah, nobody wants to smell like four-week old garlic that has been microwaved in an unclean bowl filled with sour milk, but just look at these skunks!

    You wish you could hate them.


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