Why you can't get "whatever you can get" on Facebook

    Being mysterious on Facebook is a mighty challenging task, given one of the main reasons for joining the college-social-networking-site-turned-worldwide-monster is to be an attention whore. You could always bypass filling in your interests or make your profile pic a shot of abstract art or, even more daring, leave it a question mark. The fine folks at Facebook provided one option, under “Looking For,” that really played up the mystique angle: “Whatever I can get.” Is that a declaration of desperation? An admittance of promiscuity? A revolution in not caring? Something more?

    Looks like we will never know the answer, as “whatever I can get,” along with the straightforward and slutty “random play” option, has been phased out of Facebook over the past few months. Farewell mystery (and horniness). If you checked the “whatever” box and now don’t know what more obvious option to go with, just put networking and hope for the best.

    In related news, maybe this had something to do with it? Maybe the folks at Facebook are a bit more restrictive about our want to screw everything that moves than we think.

    Also, if Facebook is listening (they surely aren’t), I suggest you ax the Bumper Sticker application. Seriously, that thing sucks.


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