Wii love the Queen


    What was Queen Elizabeth’s favorite Christmas gift this year? Her Nintendo Wii, according to the U.K.’s version of People.

    “And although she is 81, the Queen’s hand-eye co-ordination was as good as someone half her age,” a Palace source told the paper.

    The £200 gift, originally intended for Prince William from his girlfriend, is hard to keep out of the Queen’s “clutches.”

    However, this is apparently not the first time the Queen has jumped on the tech bandwagon.

    “In 2001, she got her first mobile phone and has regularly upgraded to one with the latest features.” She currently sports a Blackberry she received in June.

    And “in 2005, she took delivery of an iPod that stores more than 100,000 tunes.”

    I wish all grandparents could be this cool. I can’t even get my dad to go near a computer, let alone a Wii.

    [people.co.uk via digg]


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