Winter quarter cocktails

    With the bitter wind of winter making it exceptionally unpleasant to venture outside, winter quarter is the perfect time to stay in and practice your mixology skills. If you're just learning how to mix a good drink, start small. You can start to figure out what bitters are later. If you're already an experienced bartender, continue with confidence. Here are some appropriately themed cocktails for upcoming months that are easy to put together.

    Polar Vortex

    While we may have escaped the truly absurd temperatures of the vortex, this drink might just remind you of the only back-to-back snow days you will probably ever see. It'll also let you try some ingredients you never thought you'd use in a cocktail. Combine a shot or two of dark rum (not spiced, but dark rum) with some maple syrup in a small glass, then fill it up with milk. Stir well so the syrup doesn't stick to the bottom. If you're stepping up your booze quality, you can also add a half of shot of cognac for something really warm you up.

    Major Award

    It's the season for all kinds of 2013 recaps: movies, music, TV shows and more! This quarter will be full of award shows handing out little golden prizes to commemorate things that you will have forgotten about before they finish the acceptance speech. So here's a little golden drink to help you start the forgetting. Combine one part of a honey-liquer based whiskey (Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey is fantastic) with two parts bourbon. The strong bite of alcohol will be somewhat muted by the sweetness of the ingredients. In any case, it might help you forget that "Blurred Lines" actually got Grammy nominations

    Super Bowl Shandy

    A shandy is a catch-all term for any mix of beer and a soft drink. This might sound like a cheap and disgusting drink, but in actuality, it's just a cheap drink. This mix is surprisingly common in Europe, but hasn't really caught on in America. Given that the biggest sporting event in the nation tends to involve consuming terrible American lager, it seems appropriate to improve on the experience. If you're going to drink the worst beer money can buy with your sports, you might as well combine it with a can of Coke, ginger ale or some lemonade.

    Hot Toddy

    Nobody wants to walk in the cold during winter quarter. God forbid that you have to make regular treks from North to South Campus and back, or worse, coming in from off campus on foot for any reason. In the event that you need to fortify yourself before venturing outside, a good toddy will warm you right up. Get a mug of boiling water and mix in either honey or sugar, and throw in a shot of your preferred dark liquor. Bourbon and rum are popular, but brandy works too. Garnish with a bit of lemon or a cinnamon stick. This drink is also a traditional nightcap, so you can knock yourself out after cramming for that Orgo midterm.

    Formal Recruitment Everclear

    Just straight Everclear. Speaks for itself.


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