Winter to spring

    Production by Lindsey Kratochwill / North by Northwestern.

    We will make it to spring.
    It will begin and we won’t notice. The ice
    That floats so laboriously in the lake
    Will start to melt, but
    We won’t see it.

    Its slow pace
    Won’t cause much alarm.

    But if you listen between heavy steps,
    The winter’s air, caught within the ice will
    Start to escape. It breaks free with one last yelp
    Of protest. The ice has been forming
    For such a long and tiring winter.

    A strong barrier between
    The water and the air that lingers above
    Becomes wispy and unstable.

    A bit more precarious to stand
    Upon. The crystals formed on branches
    Slowly lose their grasp, becoming tiny
    Dive bombs. It’s a bit more dangerous to walk

    The winter is nearly over, but we won’t realize
    It just yet. The sun is coming back,
    But it’s what we expect now. We won’t listen
    To the winter’s last cries.


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