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    Gung-Ho at Women's College Centex in Austin, TX

    Top 10 Things You Should Know about Gung-Ho:

    1. We’re Northwestern Women’s Ultimate Frisbee team, Gung-Ho Ultimate. We play Ultimate Frisbee, which IS a real sport, and we only play against girls (not mixed teams).

    2. We’re currently ranked 13th in the country! Since jumping into the top 15 on the rankings mid-winter, we’ve held steady after solid performances in tournaments like Queen City Tune Up, Midwest Throwdown and Centex.

    3. Our team is only 13 years old. The first incarnation of Gung-Ho started with orange camo jerseys in 1998, and we had our first appearance at Nationals in 2001, taking 9th and doing the same in 2002. We were 11th in 2005 and fifth in 2007, the first team from the Great Lakes region to make it to the quarterfinals. Last year, we got 17th at Nationals after a hard-fought second-place finish in our region, and our goal is to make it to national quarterfinals (and beyond!) this year.

    4. Gung-Ho is sponsored by Five Ultimate, one of a few companies that make Ultimate Frisbee gear. After making a rap video for their contest, we won awesome new jerseys for the team, which you can buy for yourself here.

    5. The legendary Frisbee house on Sherman and Foster is our stomping ground. Eleven players live in the house, including some from NUT, the guys’ team, and that’s where we throw down, hold meetings and generally spend our non-practice time as a team.

    6. Our current roster has 33 women on it — we tried to split into A and B teams, but we didn’t really have enough members to make both of them work, so we’re one big happy family of a team. Also, with a few exceptions, we’re a pretty short team (vertically challenged, as we call it).

    7. We’re a club sport. We’re not varsity, so we don’t get major funding or good practice times. We’re the ones you’ll see packing 12 people into a minivan to haul ass up to Ryan Field in the winter for 9 p.m. – midnight practices.

    8. Instead of individual games, we always compete in tournaments against other women’s Ultimate teams. Sometimes we travel as far away as Texas, and other times as close to home as South Bend, IN.

    9. Our biggest rivals are Michigan, because they’re the other top team in our region, and Valpo, because we see them all the time and love playing against them. We’ve started to know people on their team, and games are always competitive but good-natured.

    10. Our team song is Nelly’s “Heart of a Champion,” which we cheer to get pumped for for big games (or anytime we feel like singing, really).


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