Wonder women: Female world leaders, past and present

    If Hillary wins the presidential election next year, she’ll be in good company. Click on the countries to see the 11 current female presidents and prime ministers from all over the world.

    The former Argentinian First Lady, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, was elected as the country’s next president two weeks ago. Her election elicits a timely comparison to Hillary Clinton’s bid for the office her own husband once held.

    But Fernandez, 54, told the Associated Press she does not wish to be considered Hillary’s Argentine counterpart.

    “Hillary and I have a few things in common,” she said in her first televised interview since being elected. “We’ve both been senators, lawyers and wives of presidents, but not much else.”

    Since Clinton is currently ahead in the Democratic polls with a lead of 43 percent, ahead of competitor Barack Obama’s 24 percent, Fernandez’s recent election brings to light even greater speculation about the plausibility of a female American president.

    But despite her popularity nationwide, Clinton doesn’t seem to have much clout on American college campuses, including Northwestern.

    Fernandez is not Argentina’s first female president, but she is the first woman to be elected to the position. Isabel Perón, who was not only Argentina’s but also the world’s first female president, succeeded husband President Juan Perón upon his death in office in 1974.

    Fernandez will take office Dec. 10.


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