Getting ready to rumble: Wrestlepocalypse 2014
Photo by Adam Mintzer / North by Northwestern

Jon Snow, Rob Ford and the lead singer of Lincoln Park are all getting ready to battle it out in Shanley Pavilion this Dillo-eve.

Wrestlepocalypse is in its eighth year, and in addition to more body slams, trash talking and inappropiate jokes, the cast will be duking it out in a real wrestling ring. This year, each smack down comes with a loud, echoing thud that will make you wonder how the wrestlers have been doing this over and over again all quarter. And when the chaos is combined with the comedic writing of some of Northwestern's funniest people including comedians from Mee-Ow, NSTV and the Titanic Players, it goes from being a bunch of people throwing each other around to an interactive and engaging production.

The format is simple: Announcer DILKS "Daddy" Cochran (Garret Baer) gets the crowd pumped and introduces the wrestlers into the ring, at which point they exchange some witty banter and proceed to slam, pummel and pound their opponents, all while Cornhuskin Larry (Wes Humphrey) and Malibu Jack (Wyatt Fair) joke around and exchange one-liners that are probably not Morty-approved. 

While the show may seem to be the pinnacle of ridiculousness, the light-hearted antics, shenanigans and general tomfoolery of the rehearsals stand as a proper representation of what Dillo Weekend is all about: letting loose and just hanging out.


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