Writer's Palette: My Palette

    Graphic by Savannah Christensen / North by Northwestern

    This is part five of our series “Writer’s Palette,” where writers express what a specific color means to them. This piece by Ariella Khan is inspired by the colors that have played a role in her life.

    Caramel in the glass grips tight

    To the origin of my storied blood

    Sanguine, undiscriminating currency,

    At once optimistic and sadistic

    Ebony aches for another coat,

    To embody the pitch dark that alludes it

    Sepia veils the Bride of Cities,

    Shimmering suns of pain and pride

    Gold dangling pure around mother’s neck,

    With gracing age, it will hang around mine

    Never is there nothing,

    For infinities live in White spaces

    In fleeting seconds before darkness falls

    Teal begs for reflection – a breath.

    Livid is the aura of the singing boy,

    Whose humility precedes his highest note

    Maroon me craving company of colors,

    While standing alone with easy solidity

    With a marbled, garbled painting,

    Silver sheen bonds us in beautiful struggle


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