Guess who has a midterm tomorrow, and guess what is distracting him from studying for it!!?!?!?! For anyone with any remote knowledge of the internet, is the McDonald’s 39 cent cheeseburger of the web. You know you can do much better, but you just can’t stop at one. If you don’t know what YTMND is, Wiki it, I have no time to explain the bizarre site to you.

    Original YTMND’s are great, and can be really clever and intelligent (sometimes). But most of the time, they are utterly moronic. Which, I think, is why this random YTMND generator works so well. Basically, a random picture, text and music file get mashed together, with nutty/hilarious results. This probably will only appeal to the truly depraved/bored, but I can’t stop refreshing. Friendly reminder – YTMND is also full of gross, gross images, so watch out, and don’t do this in front of the kids.


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