Epic Burger’s latest secret menu item, the ‘Boo Burger,’ includes a beef patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon, pickles, barbecue sauce, Epic Burger’s house sauce and an onion ring on top (I got an extra one!). Fries not included.

Boo Buie just reached a new career milestone.

Last Thursday, the redshirt senior guard announced via Instagram that local chain Epic Burger named a burger in his honor: the “Boo Burger.”

With two bread buns sandwiching a beef patty topped with pepper jack cheese, bacon, pickles, barbecue sauce and Epic Burger’s house sauce, the Boo Burger tastes like your average burger. However, its onion ring placed atop the bread bun (representing Buie’s jersey number, 0) sets it apart visually from the rest of Epic Burger’s menu.

The food item, priced at $10.99, will be sold at the restaurant’s locations in Evanston and the Old Orchard Mall in Skokie. It’s a secret menu item, so fans and Northwestern students looking to try the burger will have to ask for it at the register.

Many students came to the Evanston location to try the burger last weekend, Epic Burger employee Carlos Cuba said. He took a photo of the first buyers: a group of three students.

“I’m not really big on pickles, but I still really liked it,” said SESP third-year Leya Habtamu, who shared the Boo Burger with a friend on Tuesday. Though Habtamu did not buy the burger herself, she said she might in the future, as she is already a fan of Epic Burger’s fries.

Other Epic Burger customers were hesitant to buy the burger due to the price.

“If it were like a combo meal, I would get it,” said Grey*, a student at Evanston Township High School who has been to a Northwestern basketball game in the past. “There’s other places where I could get a burger that tastes just like that for a lot cheaper.”

Her friend, Daria, who was not familiar with Buie or the Northwestern basketball team, also said they would not get the burger.

“Maybe if it were a few dollars cheaper,” Daria said.

Two other ETHS students, Josh Larry and Jace Lloyd, were more enthusiastic about the secret menu item. Both are fans of the Northwestern team.

“If the burger’s $100, I’mma still eat it,” Lloyd said. “As long as there’s bacon on there I’ll eat it.”

Editor's note: Grey and Daria asked to omit their surnames from the article. An older of this version also mistaked Daria's pronouns. NBN regrets this error.