Merchandise has long been a way to support a favorite music artist in addition to listening to their music. Despite the age-old argument that you shouldn’t wear merch for artists you don’t listen to, it’s still a fantastic way to express your musical identity and build a sense of community with fellow music lovers.

Artists have become increasingly creative with their products over time. From the classic graphic band T-shirt, merch has expanded to include almost anything you can think of. I am a fan of this move into different merch items, as it shows the artists’ increased engagement with their fans. In order to create truly successful merch, artists have to consider what their fans would appreciate enough to buy, and what sense of collective style they can build together, both artist and fandom. My personal favorite kind of merch is any that tells a story or plays into an artist’s inside joke with their fandom. Here are some of the coolest non-t-shirt music merch items that you can buy right now.

The 1975’s Sincerity Hat

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The 1975’s  frontman Matty Healy made this hat famous by wearing it in the “Sincerity is Scary” video and subsequent performances during the A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships era. With its floppy bunny ears and uneven striping, this hat walks the perfect line between kitschy and cute, and will keep your head warm in the winter.

Cardi B WAP earrings

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Hoops have long been a go-to accessory to make an outfit more glamorous or put together. I’d recommend pairing these WAP earrings with any going out look; the hoop can symbolize power and oneness, and the drip detail gives the jewellery an extra edge. Bonus: they let everyone know you’ve got that WAP.

Yungblud’s Pink Socks and Unisex skirt

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TOP 3 for best new artist at the @vmas what the fuck!!! it’s mental to think group of lonely fuckin freaks who came together to feel something are building a community that is having an impact on a “mainstream” culture. this is OUR community. a community for the rejected, the misunderstood and everyone else in between. it’s so mental to think how far we have come just for being ourselves, yet i think we’re only jus getting started. winning or loosing anything doesn’t matter. it ain’t about that. we are makin noise and we are been acknowledged for it. its is WE and always will be WE. it’s a fooking riot. smash up the vmas dms on twitter to get them last votes in. you have no idea what is coming. i love u so fuckin much. 🖤🧷🖤

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Available for purchase here: and*/*/Checkered-Skirt/69YY0000000

Have you always wanted to dress like Yungblud? Known for his creative mixing of key punk elements like leather jackets and chains and the added twist of miniskirts, bright patterns, and pink socks, Yungblud’s maintains a look that is bold, eye-catching, and exactly what his gen Z fans identify with, continually pushing the pushing the envelope in asking ‘who can wear what?’ Now’s your chance to become as adventurous with your fashion choices as Yungblud.  He has long been a champion of genderless clothing, and the time is now to rock this miniskirt, regardless of your gender identity!

Taylor Swift Cardigan

Image from Taylor Swift Store

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From her eighth album Folkore, “cardigan” is a sweet single about young love won and lost. Featured in the song’s music video is this cardigan, worn by Taylor Swift herself. This cardigan will likely be popular with Swifties, and it’s perfect for fall weather.

Chance the Rapper 3 Hat

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This hat has a lot of meaning to Chance. Originally worn to promote and celebrate his third mixtape, Coloring Book, which went on to win a Grammy. The rapper has said the ‘3’ further symbolises the Holy Trinity, as well as his family. The hat has now become a staple in Chance’s closet and identity.  

Wallows Disposable Camera

Image from Wallows Store

Available for purchase here:

This camera encourages you to live in the moment; like any disposable camera, it only lets you take a limited number of pictures that take a while to develop, a step away from pictures taken with your phone that you can look at immediately. Wallows’ new EP Remote is set to drop on October 23, check their music, and their merch out!