Another Coachella is gone, and no matter how you feel about the obscenely expensive music festival, one thing’s for sure: The stage fashion is the best part of the event. Life & Style Editor Ashley Sanchez and Assistant Photography Editor Lianna Amoruso are here to walk you through the looks from the good, bad and worm-like (in no particular order).


Lianna: Slayed. House down, screaming, crying, throwing up. Literally there are no other words to describe the entire performance.

Ashley: HOTTER than the desert.


Ashley: The theme is layers, from the hair to the fit, and that’s what is making this look work.

Lianna: It’s giving Rey from Star Wars.


Lianna: We love a grunge cowboy moment.

Ashley: I agree – this would’ve slayed at last year’s Dillo.

Becky G

Ashley: I’m speechless … muy vaquerita moderna (very modern cowgirl).

Lianna: This also would’ve slayed at last year’s Dillo.

Bad Bunny

Ashley: It’s giving Heidi Klums’ worm costume.

Lianna: I love you, Bad Bunny, but this did not slay as hard as it should have.


Lianna: She slayed, of course, for her first time performing in seven years. The outfit is giving watered-down Euphoria.

Ashley: Rue if she slayed.


Ashley: The belt accents, plus the leather pants, give this fit an edgy Coachella vibe instead of a boring all-black outfit.

Lianna: Another example of how layering something cool on top of something bland just elevates a fit. Love.


Ashley: Now this is a boring all-black outfit. Like ok, Terminator.

Lianna: Agreed – she didn't take notes from Labrinth's fit.

Danny Lux

Ashley: Primary colors…

Lianna: Giving The Wiggles. You know which one.


Ashley: I like the suits. I don’t like how the outfits are so bland.

Lianna: I like the simplicity. Slay.

Idris Elba

Ashley: Is this his retirement hobby?

Lianna: I mean, a classic fit for chic dad on vacation.

Ashley: A simple fit for a simple man.

Jackson Wang

Lianna: I am gagged.

Ashley: I respect that he simply used his concert wardrobe for Coachella. Reduce, reuse, recycle.


Lianna: Unicorn hair and a futuristic outfit to match Jackson's unhinged production.

Ashley: Her outfit encapsulates her radiance … but in a more slightly unhinged way.


Lianna: She understood the assignment. 10000/10

Ashley: Cunty cowboy vibes

Burna Boy

Lianna: Cool silhouette, but I don't think it gave what it needed to give.

Ashley: At first this outfit looks boring, but the closer you get into the details, the cooler it gets. He’s so cool.

Charli XCX

Lianna: Best believe she's still Bejeweled and Fancy af.

Ashley: This outfit is also perfect for Chicago’s ever-changing weather.

Diljit Dosanjh

Lianna: SOUTH ASIAN REPRESENTATION(!!!!) at Coachella AND such an iconic outfit.

Ashley: Making history and slaying.

Flo Milli

Lianna: She dressed for the desert. Ate.

Ashley: Sometimes less is more!

Frank Ocean

Lianna: It's giving absent.

Ashley: He couldn't find a good outfit, so he didn't go.

Kali Uchis

Ashley: Kali is a Y2K icon.

Lianna: We love a denim-on-denim moment.

Ashley: She reinvented denim-on-denim!

Remi Wolf

Lianna: *activate Chandler Bing voice* Can she be wearing any more colors?

Ashley: I appreciate that this outfit is sustainable, but North Face could’ve tried to upcycle it a little more. It looks like she closed her eyes and picked random items from her closet.


Lianna: Living for the fit, but for the mic stand even more.

Ashley: The distressed denim cool.


Lianna: Ah, yes wearing the same fit … as always.

Ashley: We end on such an uninspiring outfit :/