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Lesser-known Canadian actress Lovina Yavari was the first celebrity guest to cheer on the dancers during Block 1 - here are five things to know about the up-and-coming actress.

1. She’ll make an appearance in the upcoming DC movie Shazam! According to IMDB, she’s only playing a store clerk, but hey, she’s probably stood closer to Zachary Levi than I ever will.

2.  She speaks English, some French and some Japanese. We love a semi-trilingual queen.

3. She’s a special effects artist. In addition to this and acting, Yavari also works behind the scenes in makeup and costumes.    

4. She co-starred in a Netflix movie with Gabriella Montez and Hannibal Lecter. Okay, their real names are Vanessa Hudgens and Mads Mikkelsen, and the movie was Polar, which came out in January. It’s about an assassin who gets drawn back the life of crime just as he’s trying to retire, which, like, same.

5. She’s a fashion designer. Because as if being good at one thing weren’t enough, Yavari also has also collaborated with Pink City since 2017.