After the tragic demise of our beloved Nevin’s, students seek a new place to turn up.

Illustration by Rachel Hawley

Too young to have experienced the infamous Keg but old enough that your fake is a distant memory? Did you turn 21 just in time to watch Nevin’s be torn down and mourn the slow fall of The Deuce? Here’s a list of alternative nights out for those of age that don’t involve the words “improv” or “a cappella.”

World of Beer

Cool Factor: 4/5

World of Beer is now the shining Evanston Pub, conveniently located on Sherman Avenue. For you christened 21-year olds, this disenfranchisement means nothing except the replacement of an unnecessarily pretentious name (for an extraordinarily boring one). While Evanston Pub has revamped their signage to reflect this change, you can still count on a wide variety of bubbly brews, entertaining trivia nights and a strange swarm of Northwestern grad students.

Bar Louie

Cool factor: 3/5

A short walk down the block from Evanston Pub, Bar Louie fails to reflect what the martini glass on the front awning suggests. At first glance, Bar Louie could be the prime location for a classy, grown-up night out. But these said grown ups are mostly middle-aged white men. Stop by for $1.25 beers on Wednesday boys’ night if that’s your thing.

Your friend’s boyfriend’s house

Cool Factor: 4/5

You only met Rob after he started dating your friend Ashley, but he has a cool living room and porch to chill on. He threw a party last week and let you and Ashley come early to help set up. And he never Venmo requests you for drinks. What a sucker.

Prairie Moon

Cool Factor: 2/5

On Chicago Avenue, Prairie Moon tries their hardest to replace Nevin’s. It’s not working. Sometimes the bartenders slide you a free drink if you’re nice to them and are clearly a Northwestern student, but that will never outdo Nevin’s kitschy wall decorations and true college town spirit. At least Prairie Moon offers smashing seafood specials.

La Macc

Cool Factor: 3/5

Ah, La Macchina. We’ve all heard the name, and it’s probably not your first choice if you’re freshly legal. Residing on Orrington Avenue, La Macc is an easy walk from campus. While it’s frequented most on Thursdays by anyone and everyone in Greek life, their menu boasts top-tier linguine and risotto. Try stopping by for brunch and mimosas –$2 per glass and $10 per pitcher – if you don’t want to deal with the night-time crowd.

The construction lot where Nevin’s used to be

Cool Factor: 5/5

An ode to the lost. If you go for a quick mourning sesh, remember there’s no security once the sun sets, which means no cover. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes in case you need to make a speedy getaway or step over gravel.