Starting to feel antsy stuck indoors? Here are some recommendations for fantastic (and currently free!) workout apps and YouTube videos you’ll definitely want to try to curb the cabin fever.


  1. Nike Training Club

This app has it all: workouts for different muscle groups, levels of intensity and lengths of time, with options for experienced athletes and beginners alike. Nike has always offered a free version of its app, but for the foreseeable future, the premium plan is available at no cost. This means you’ll have access to actual instructor-led classes in addition to the self-guided workout series.

2. Peloton

You’ve probably heard of Peloton and their stationary bike classes, but did you know they have an app that goes far beyond cycling? It’s currently free for 90 days and includes any style of workout you could want, from yoga to dance cardio to outdoor running. If that isn’t enough to convince you, the company has a cast of teachers that will make your workout an incredibly motivational and joyful experience.

3. FitOn

I don’t actually have experience using FitOn, but from what I’ve gathered from their website and perusing the app, it seems like a great platform and community. The app includes trainer-led workouts that you can complete on your own or in sync with friends. Its website also offers healthy recipes and wellness tips!

4. DownDog Apps

Like FitOn, I haven’t used any of DownDog’s programs, but they offer five separate apps to fulfill your every workout need. Only have 7 minutes to exercise every day? Want to commit yourself to becoming an experienced yogi? Maybe you’re more of a high-intensity training person? Whatever it may be, Downdog’s got you covered with completely cost and equipment-free workouts.

YouTube videos:

  1. “20 min Full Body Stretch/Yoga for Stress & Anxiety Relief” by MadFit

I found this yoga video after a week of intense workouts, and I immediately fell in love. It was a very relaxing way to start my day and really stretched all my tense muscles. Maddie Lymburner made this video easy to follow, even for a beginner. I enjoyed that the video was only 20 minutes long because I was able to fit a workout into my day even though I had plenty of assignments to do. Lymburner also does ab workouts to popular songs, so if you want a fun,  three-minute ab burner, check those out!

2. “30 Minute LEG WORKOUT” by Sydney Cummings

Leg Day = Best Day. This relatively quick workout with Sydney Cummings is a serious leg burner. The motivation Cummings offers throughout the video makes you feel like you’re working out with her rather than alone in your house, and she lets you know that she is feeling exactly how you are. Her upbeat and optimistic attitude definitely helped push me through this 30-minute workout. If, like me, you love her personable style , she has plenty more videos on her channel to check out!

3. "Full Upper Body workout // Toning + Strength” by Heather Robertson

This full-body workout by Heather Robertson packs a LOT into a 40-minute workout – making it to the stretch at the end of the video feels so good. This video covers the upper body, lower body, and core cardio in three sections, and is an incredible way to full blast your body into shape. I definitely recommend trying this video if you’re looking for something a little more intense!

Sifting through the seemingly endless workout options out there can be overwhelming; hopefully these recommendations ease that process and help you get moving as soon as you want to!