Fall 2021 Magazine

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Fall 2021 Magazine

Letter from the Editor



Cat out of the bag

Unmasking Northwestern's mascot.

Keeping up with the Ryans

A look into Northwestern's biggest donors.

50 shades of purple

Former fan fiction authors reflect on their writing.

Dining dollar? I hardly know her!

How Northwestern students are cashing in on their dining dollars.

Props to the shop

A behind-the-curtain look at the Wirtz Center's production shops.

Dance Floor

Meet me at our (late night) spot

After dark, Evanston restaurants compete for students' attention.

Housing hustle

The scramble to secure off-campus housing in Evanston's competitive market.

Between the shelves

Northwestern librarians' efforts to increase accessibility.

Mind the gap

How Northwestern students spent an unconventional year off.

The international cost

International students' path to financial aid.

Got sponsors?

Student-athletes' newest play: marketing themselves.

Social shift

Where students are finding a place in the University's new social scene.

Redefining research

The funding opportunities for Northwestern undergraduates' academic interests go far beyond lab work.


First in the family

Northwestern students tackle the statistics and realities of being first-generation.

The expense of experience

The financial strain some students face at University-sponsored internships.

Reconciling religion

LGBTQ+ Northwestern students reflect on finding their place in — or outside of — religion.

Photo Story

The sound of Olivia Pierce

The Bienen second-year on writing and producing her own music.


Hangover helpers

Beating a hangover the Hangover editors' way.

'Cats on acid

LSD is in our DNA.

[Redacted] Norris courses

First rule of Norris courses: don't talk about Norris courses.

To pee or not to pee?

Northwestern students are caught in a classic "will wee, won't wee" situation.

Hey sexy ;)

Which sexy Northwestern icon are you?