When planning your Netflix and chill this Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to choose classic romances like Titanic or The Notebook. Though these films make for a great movie night, romance can be found in many other genres, such as action or musical. In an attempt to spice up your plans this Thursday, I compiled a list of the greatest love-themed movies– that aren’t purely romances.

Comedy: “About Time”

Released in 2013, “About Time” is easily one of my favorite movies of all time. The film revolves around Tim, played by Domhnall Gleeson, who in the beginning of the film finds out he can travel back and forth in time. Soon after, he moves to London and begins a new life as an aspiring lawyer. Then, Tim meets Mary, played by romantic comedy queen Rachel McAdams, and their connection is instantaneous. Perfect for spending Valentine’s Day with your besties, this movie deals with strong topics like love, family and loss, while still being funny and entertaining throughout its two hours.

Action: “Mr. & Mrs. Smith"

What could go wrong when two of the most attractive people in Hollywood join each other on the big screen? Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s chemistry in “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” is undeniable, especially considering the film is what launched their whirlwind relationship. Both actors portray hired assassins, John and Jane, who hide their jobs and pretend to be a normal couple. As the plot unravels and they discover each other’s secret, realizing they have to kill each other, the movie becomes an intense clash of action, romance and pure lust. Grab your significant other and ogle at the love between one of Hollywood’s former hottest couples.


Musical: “Across the Universe”

Just like “Mamma Mia” features songs from ABBA, “Across the Universe” is a musical fueled by  Beatles songs. From upbeat choreographed musical numbers like “I Want You” to slow romantic ballads like “Something,” this movie will get you singing and dancing, perfect for a V-Day themed movie night at your dorm. Besides the incredible soundtrack, the romantic musical also has an incredible storyline that takes place in the 1960s between Jude, a poor Liverpudlian artist played by Jim Sturgess, and Lucy, a rich american girl played by Evan Rachel Wood.


Drama: "Her"

In today’s world full of technological advances and new devices, a film like “Her” is essential for reflection on the future that awaits us. Released in 2013, the movie tells the story of a lonely writer named Theodore, played by Joaquin Phoenix, who falls in love with the voice of the new operational system in his computer, voiced by Scarlett Johansson – which is a more advanced version of Siri or Alexa. This motion picture not only shows an unusual love story, but also opens a dialogue about our society’s dependence on technology. Gather your favorite cynical lovers for the perfect Anti-Valentine’s movie night.

Sci-Fi: “I origins”

Truthfully, “I origins” is so different from any other movie I’ve seen that it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what genre it belongs in. However, given that the main character Ian, played by Michael Pitt, is a molecular biologist and the movie is centered around his research, I’m calling this movie sci-fi. Telling the story of Ian’s life and human eye study, this sci-fi film is a must-see for any couple who wants to watch something new and different this Valentine’s Day.


For us college students, going out on dates in Evanston or Chicago is too much work– and money. If all you want this Thursday is quality time with your valentine or galentines, cozy up together and watch some cliché-ridden movies!