Everything you need to know about The Sex Lives of College Girls is in its title. It follows four college girls who are, alongside other exploits, having sex. Season one started by throwing these completely different young women together as suitemates at the fictional Essex College.

Starting from the left is Bela, a “pathologically overconfident” funny girl. She wants to break into a career in comedy, and gaining entry to an elite comedy club at Essex is the first step. Through the show she valiantly fights against those that would stand in her way (aka, white men in comedy). Bela is wacky, silly, stupid and raunchy. Her role is what a less inspired writer would’ve given to a hot, dumb actor bro. Instead we have Bela showing the world that yeah, girls wanna fuck! Power to her.

Next is Leighton, who is rich and mean and someone who I would like to see fight Blair Waldorf. Or Veronica Lodge. Or Chanel Oberlin. You get the picture! Leighton also has a secret – and that secret is that she is gay.

Third is Whitney, whose thing is that she plays soccer and her mom is a senator. Other than that, after season one I can honestly say I don’t fully get her vibes? Which may be on purpose; this show is about growth, finding yourself in college and all the other things college admissions sell you on. I hope this second season explores more fully who Whitney is beyond her athlete persona.

Finally there is Kimberly, who continues in the spirit of New Girl’s Jess or Bojack Horseman’s Mr. Peanutbutter in that she is a ray of sunshine who you enjoy the way you like toddlers or puppies – in short bursts.

As a fellow college girl, there are some parts of the show that have me thinking, "Yeah, so true!" Insane parent’s dinner nights, the scourge of a capella and the hazardous white-men-in-comedy come to mind. There are other parts that are extremely "we do NOT have the same lived experiences," like their desire to hang out with frat boys/attend frat parties and actually dressing up for themed events that aren’t Halloween (naked party, anything but clothes party, underwear party…I sense a trend).

The Sex Lives of College Girls would be any other sitcom except it'ss a HBO Max Original, which means Warner Bros is spending it's money on drone shots of the picturesque college and the characters’ unrealistic wardrobe. It lives in the same spirit as  Euphoria (also an HBO original), where as we all know, the characters are not truly going to school in that outfit and styling but that’s okay! Normal is boring! You came to slay and that’s enough.

What pulls you in to The Sex Lives of College Girls is that it’s so infinitely watchable. It's the show you put on to eat dinner at your desk. The one you reward yourself with when you finish a paper (or you procrastinate starting your paper with). What you stare at cuddled up in bed while it's cold outside. The chaotic characters onscreen feel like your own friends, who you root for, yell at and cry with. At every other line I think to myself, "Damn, she’s just like me fr." The semi-relatable but always hilarious antics are why people who are hot, funny and in-the-know are tuning in every Thursday night, where episodes of season 2 are releasing weekly! See you at Essex College.    

Thumbnail courtesy of HBO Max.