2021 Housing Guide


Your first college home can be a taste of freedom and provide you with a great community, but the housing selection process can also be daunting. North by Northwestern's Freshman Housing Guide has you covered. Use the filters to see which buildings work for you, then click a building name to see video, photos and more.

Note: The videos included for each dorm are from the 2016 Housing Guide. Some of the content may be outdated, but we chose to include the videos to showcase the dorms in a visual way.

Dorm Name Size Dorm Type
1838 Chicago Ave. 120 Residence Hall
2303 Sheridan Rd. (CCS) 40 Residential College
2303 Sheridan Rd. (GREEN House) 40 Residence Hall
2349 Sheridan Rd. <100 Residence Hall
560 Lincoln St. 422 Residence Hall
Allison Hall 363 Residence Hall
Ayers Hall 170 Residential College
Bobb-McCulloch Hall 496 Residence Hall
Chapin Hall 72 Residential College
East Fairchild 109 Residential College
Elder Hall 345 Residence Hall
Foster-Walker Complex 582 Residence Hall
Hobart House 50 Residential College
Jones Hall 121 Residence Hall
Kemper Hall 165 Residence Hall
Lindgren House 37 Residence Hall
North Mid-Quads 88 Residential College
Rogers House 49 Residence Hall
Sargent Hall 157 Residence Hall
Shepard Hall 153 Residence Hall
Slivka Hall 140 Residential College
South Mid-Quads 88 Residential College
West Fairchild 106 Residential College
Willard Hall 261 Residential College
Campus area
  • North area
  • Northeast area
  • South area
  • Southwest area
Dorm size
  • Small (< 100 residents)
  • Medium (100-200 residents)
  • Large (> 200 residents)
Type of dorm
  • Res Hall
  • Res College
Miscellaneous perks
  • Has A.C.
  • Has dining hall
  • Suite-style bathroom
  • All-gender housing


Campus Area

There are four residential areas: North, Northeast, Southwest, and South. These areas are clusters of buildings with common features, amenities, services, events, and staff.

Types of halls

There are two main housing models: residential hall, and residential colleges. The primary difference between them is the degree of faculty involvement. Residence halls have all of the programs and support a student needs for a meaningful residential experience. Residential colleges offer more opportunities for faculty engagement and programming as well as continuity of community that comes with a culture of returning residents and longstanding faculty affiliations.

All-Gender Housing

All Gender Housing has existed since 2010 as "an arrangement whereby students, regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity, are permitted to share a room or suite in select areas of Northwestern’s residence halls."

Information from the 2017, 2018, & 2019 NBN Housing Guides and Northwestern Residential Services

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