With the first Monday in May comes the Super Bowl™ of fashion: the Met Gala.

Every year, the biggest names in entertainment, fashion and music arrive in all their finery for the opening of the annual Costume Institute exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. A fundraiser for the Met at its core, the event, organized by Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour, is fashion’s biggest night.

This year the Costume Institute’s exhibition is “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty.” The theme is an ode to the German designer, who passed away in 2019. Karl Lagerfeld was known for his creative direction and artistry at some of the world’s biggest fashion houses: Balmain, Chloé and most famously, Fendi and Chanel. Lagerfeld also created his own namesake brand, Karl Lagerfeld. The designer had some controversial takes, so many that they deserve an article of their own.

The Met Ball’s attendees are always scrutinized by the public for their executions of the night’s theme; this year, most opted for suits or black, white and leather. Here are NBN’s takes on some of the most on-theme (and off-theme) moments from the night.

Anna Wintour

Lianna: I mean we can’t say anything about this one. She looks so great.

Ali: Definitely better than last year. But the tweet says it all.

Doja Cat

Lianna: She really committed to the bit. I love it, but the feline features are kinda freaking me out.

Ali: I cackled. This is so on brand for her, it’s even in her name. For those confused on why she’s a cat: It’s a reference to Lagerfeld’s fluffy cat Choupette…and it’s not even the only cat look of the night.

Salma Hayek


Ali: Love it, but it’s not Lagerfeld. I can sort of see the vision with the tulle and the pearls, but it doesn’t fit the theme for me. That being said, esta preciosa so who cares about the theme.

Anne Hathaway

Lianna: WOAH. I mean, the queen of Genovia lives. This is my favorite look of hers. Also on theme with the all-over Chanel tweed Lagerfeld made on-trend once again.

Ali: Tied with Dua for my favorite look of the night. I ascended to Heaven. The tweed. The chains as a nod to Versace. The makeup. It’s equal parts an ode to Lagerfeld and a reflection of Anne’s own style. It’s so different from anything else on the carpet. This wins. Anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Ice Spice

Lianna: Her first Met Gala. Mid, but cute fit.

Ali: I concur. Gorgeous silhouette, but could be a dress for just about any theme. The camera is a great accessory.

Gisele Bündchen

Lianna: Slay – love the cape, but simpler than expected.

Ali: Gisele referencing HERSELF in a Chanel bridal gown from her shoot with Harper’s Baazar Korea back in 2007 BY Karl Lagerfeld…I am gasping for air. This is how you dress for revenge! Eat your heart out, Tom Brady.

Keke Palmer

Lianna: LOVE – this is a beautiful gown.

Ali: This slayed. She doesn’t age, even after giving birth. Stunning.

Amanda Seyfried

Lianna: GORGEOUS, DROP DEAD…. love a short dress moment, giving Taylor Swift at the VMAs in 2022.

Ali: It’s giving a fun disco moment. Distinctly not on theme. I love Amanda though.

Dua Lipa

Lianna: Looking like a princess. Love. The necklace is out of Oceans 8.

Ali: Dua Lipa in a 1990s Chanel bridal gown worn by Lagerfeld’s muse Claudia Schiffer, paired with a never before seen 100+ carat diamond Tiffany’s necklace the size of Pluto – I have no words. I am GAGGED. This is tied with Anne Hathaway for my favorite look.

Penelope Cruz

Lianna: ABSOLUTELY ATE – this is what I’m talking about.

Ali: Another Met co-chair wearing archival Chanel, she literally has outdone herself and half the people at this damn event. Stunning.

Karlie Kloss

Lianna: Not a fan of this look. I love the pearls and bow, but not the frock.

Ali: Is it on theme? Technically yes; the pearls and the illusion of jewelry on her dress is a nod to Lagerfeld. Is it ugly? Absolutely. But also, she’s pregnant! Congrats Karlie.

Gwendoline Christie

Lianna: An absolutely breathtaking slay!!

Ali: It’s fine. If it had been any other red carpet, maybe it would be a better slay. This is pretty underwhelming.

Lily Collins

Lianna: One of my fav looks so far!!

Ali: Heavy disagree. The sleeves and the “KARL” on her train are just tacky. I think she’s taking her Emily in Paris character a bit too seriously – this is ringarde.

Yara Shahidi

Lianna: Lovveeee this!! First tan dress of the evening!!

Ali: A CUSTOM Jean Paul Gaultier dress; she came to slay. Not super sure about the thematic connection, but it’s just so good I don’t care.

Jeremy Scott and Devon Aoki

Lianna: LOVE! Thank you for not wearing a basic black tuxedo! And for matching with your date without taking away from her. And Devon’s matching neckline!! LOVE this dress! Simple but unique in all the right places! An angel FR.

Ali: Devon Aoki IS that Chanel It-Girl and a Lagerfeld muse, so her presence alone makes her on-theme. This is stunning, and it’s her first Met Gala?! She’s been robbed fr.

Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner

Lianna: A begrudging slay. Like, I actually kinda like Kim’s. Kendall, I see the vision, and the homage to Karl, but I don’t love this look. And Kylie, it’s giving a gospel-choir coat over a red dress. The dress is a slay though and her hair looks cute.

Ali: Did not expect Kim to be the most on-theme. This is probably my favorite Kim look from any Met Gala so far. But I’m sorry, Kendall and Kylie look ridiculous. Kendall is at least tangentially on-theme, but Kylie needs to fire her stylist – she matches the carpet and that is not a good look.

Billie Eilish


Ali: Now I loved Billie’s 2021 Marilyn-esque look, but this year she’s on another level. It doesn’t scream Lagerfeld to me but honestly I think Billie decided the theme would be herself but in a gown. And I love that.

Jared Leto

Lianna: Why are you a cat? (I get Karl had an iconic white one but…)

Ali: The way everyone was confused when a furry showed up to the Met. Of COURSE it was Jared Leto. This is the man who brought a mold of his own head to the 2019 gala (the theme was camp and he slayed). We’re two for three of Choupette homages.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas

Lianna: THE NEW BLAKE AND RYAN I LOVE THEM SO GORGEOUS. We love a king not outshining a queen.

Ali: It’s mid. Maybe it’s the gloves or the weird cape situation on Priyanka, but it’s just not giving. Also, Nick, is wearing a white collared button-up really a Lagerfeld reference, or are you just wearing a regular white collared shirt? …Just not the vibe.

Viola Davis

Lianna: Incredible. I LOVE the color on her, and Julius looks great too.

Ali: Viola knows how to rock hot pink, and I appreciate that. No clue what theme she dressed for, but it’s a slay just because it’s her.

Vanessa Hudgens

Lianna: The best simple look I’ve seen! I love her!! Saved her Coachella slay for the Met carpet.

Ali: Very chic, maybe a bit too simple. I feel like we saw a lot of this style on the carpet. Not the biggest hit, but not a miss either.

Lea Michele

Lianna: Why did she mention on the Vogue livestream she has La La Anthony’s packages and lives at her old house? I mean, she did slay sequins though.

Ali: She did in fact say that on camera. The bob haircut was a little too on the nose for me, it’s giving, “I’m about to quit Funny Girl to star on a reality TV show.” But she can’t read so I’ll just put this: 👉💇🏻‍♀️💁🏻‍♀️✨

Florence Pugh

Lianna: I was not expecting this look!!! Shaved head, incredible headdress, and long white gown! Love.

Ali: The shaved hair gagged me. The dress is beautiful, the headdress…not so much.

Britney and Cheryl Griner

Lianna: Incredible drip from an incredible couple! Adorable to see them together and a special moment. She also advocated for families of others wrongly imprisoned abroad during her interview in her second press appearance since her release.

Ali: Them being at the Met Gala is a slay. The outfits themselves are passable. Not really anything spectacular, but I’m glad they were there!

Serena Williams

Lianna: LOVE her hair and the crown, and the flapper-inspired dress with tulle and diamonds. ANNOUNCED HER PREGNANCY!!!!! Her husband looked sharp too.

Ali: On theme and on point. Loved this look, and such a good pregnancy announcement.

Aubrey Plaza

Lianna: A MAJOR SLAY. Old Hollywood glamor but make it sexy.

Ali: If there’s one thing about Aubrey Plaza, it’s that she knows how to rock a unique bodice. This doesn’t really say Chanel or Lagerfeld to me beyond the monochromatic look, but I love her and therefore I love this.

Mindy Kaling

Lianna: STUNNER. I would expect nothing less from this queen. The diamonds and everything else blow her look from Oceans 8 out of the water.

Ali: This is fine, it’s adequate for the Met Gala and it’s tangentially on theme. But it falls flat next to a lot of other people on this list.

Jenna Ortega

Lianna: Okay she is really giving Wednesday, I love this look!!!!!

Ali: This is probably the BEST Jenna Ortega red carpet yet. Like ever. It’s such a good mix of the character that has really skyrocketed her fame but also her own personal flair. Not to mention, she’s true to the theme. One of the top ten best dressed, for sure.

Michelle Yeoh

Lianna: OH MY GOD, SHE IS A GODDESS. FLOWING FABRIC, long puff sleeves, wow. I’m gagged.

Ali: This is so classy and beautiful, a dress very deserving of this Oscar winner. It’s a fun take on the Karl Lagerfeld white collar. It’s just stunning.

Cara Delevigne

Lianna: This is such a unique look –  giving a fashionable pirate and a direct homage to Karl himself.

Ali: Cara has consistently shown herself as a risk-taker at the Met Gala, and it pays off. Her look is very true to her, while also donning a pair of sunglasses and a monochrome moment, which is true to Lagerfeld. Well done.

Gigi Hadid

Lianna: This is such a cool look. Was not expecting this from her!! Love.

Ali: This is peak Gigi Hadid. Like Billie Eilish, she knows how to take a theme and make it hers. She looks like she just stepped off the runway. I’m convinced she would have been Lagerfeld’s next muse.

Bad Bunny

Lianna: OH MY GOD, A BACKLESS SUIT? Hot. He looks so amazing omg, especially with the rose shawl as well. Such a king.

Ali: No because he literally came to slay so hard. He showed all the straight white boys that you don’t have to dress boring at the Met. The flower shawl and the backless suit in tweed screams Chanel. Well done, Benito (even though I’m still mad at you, iykyk).

Janelle Monae

Lianna: It's giving a bedazzled tent, and I love it. How is she gonna sit down though? WAIT IT’S A JACKET AND IT'S OVER A BEDAZZLED BIKINI, WOAH!! I love your shoes, can I have them??

Ali: This reveal was everything. Mother is mothering. If there’s one thing Janelle Monae is gonna do, it’s go so above and beyond the theme that you forget the theme and petition the Met to change the theme so Janelle can be THE theme.

Now, we probably missed some big ones here, but not to worry. There’s an entire part two of our reactions. If you can’t get enough of Met fashion, go read part two!