In case you haven’t heard, last night, a bunch of politicians (plus an entrepreneur) stood in a line on a stage and argued about health care (among other things) for a seemingly endless span of time that turned out to be only three hours—aka the fourth Democratic primary debate. Things seriously started to heat up in Westerville, Ohio, where the debate, which was co-hosted by CNN and The New York Times, took place on Tuesday night.

Not only is it getting down to crunch time (relatively speaking—the actual election part won’t start until February), but the debate also comes in the midst of the political chaos that is Trump’s impeachment inquiry. What’s more, the impeachment conversation is circulating around Trump’s conversation with Ukraine—a conversation in which the president urged an investigation into Hunter Biden, son of, you guessed it, Democratic primary candidate Joe Biden. Plus, as if things weren’t crazy enough, this debate is history-making, presenting the most candidates ever on one debate stage.

Clearly, this debate is a pretty big deal. With all that new political knowledge floating around, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and forget the absolute basics—like drinking the recommended two liters of water per day. But thanks to us, now you have a way to further your political knowledge and stay hydrated, at the same time! All you have to do is pull up the Oct. 15 Democratic debate and play our very own fun and funky Democratic debate drinking game—to be played with shots of water, of course. We would never condone underage alcohol consumption here at NBN.

Students gathered in Harris Hall on debate night for their own Democratic Debate watch party. Unfortunately, they passed up the perfect opportunity to try out our drinking game. Photo courtesy of Madison Smith / North by Northwestern

Take a shot (of water) every time someone says the i-word (impeachment).

We can’t say we didn’t see this one coming. As we said earlier, impeachment is the talk of the town. It’s also a pretty monumental topic, so it’s no surprise that it served as a starting point to this monumental debate. At least we’re pretty sure all the candidates are on the same page about one thing — they all sure do hate Trump.

Take a shot (of water) whenever a candidate talks about their kid.

Maybe it’s Joe Biden claiming that he did not, in fact, discuss Ukraine with his son (although an interview with Hunter could indicate otherwise). Maybe it’s Andrew Yang giving a touching speech about his two sons, one of whom is autistic (in an effort to back his universal basic income policy proposal, of course). Either way, get ready to drink up, y’all.

Take a shot (of water) whenever somebody drills Elizabeth Warren about health care.

Despite being second in the polls, Warren had the most speaking time in tonight’s debate by far, at almost 23 minutes. Quite a few of those minutes surrounded the topic of health care (surprise, surprise), as the candidate discussed her “Medicare for All” single-payer plan, describing its proposed benefits for middle-class families. Later, however, Warren declined to state exactly whether that same plan would require a tax increase for the middle-class. Amy Klobuchar went as far to say that “at least Bernie is being honest here.” Ouch.

Take a shot (of water) every time Bernie Sanders points his finger in the general direction of the audience.

Whether he’s pointing at the moderators because he didn’t quite hear the question or just performing his signature passionate point for the fun of it, be prepared to down quite a few shots on Bernie’s behalf tonight.

Take a shot (of water) when Kamala Harris finally addresses the fact that it's been a while since anybody has talked about reproductive rights.

We wanted to make sure that you didn’t drink too much water, so we gave you a one-timer. After all the talk about health care, Harris reminded us that health care does in fact include women’s access to reproductive health care. In lieu of recent steps taken by certain states to pass anti-abortion bills, Harris declared that “people need to keep their hands off of women’s bodies and let women make the decisions about their own lives.”

Take a shot (of water) whenever Tulsi Gabbard gives you ~major robot vibes~ .

Has Gabbard ever really seemed like an actual person to you? The eerily mechanical candidate has been described as “Trumpian” and accused of holding a connection to the Russian propaganda machine. She took her opportunity on the debate stage Tuesday night to criticize both CNN and The New York Times (the exact two news outlets hosting the debate) for “smearing” her. We’re not trying to spread false rumors here … but, have you seen the way she blinks? Try to tell me that is not a robot.

Take a shot (of water) every time Pete Buttigieg mentions his military service.

Mayor Pete is arguably one of the race’s most “wholesome” candidates, someone who certainly does not pass up a chance to talk about his past military service. In closing, when each candidate was asked to describe a friendship they made that might surprise the public, Buttigieg told a touching story of the connections he made throughout his time with the military. “We just learned to trust each other,” he said. There he goes again with the touching personal anecdotes.

Take a shot (of water) whenever Beto O’Rourke speaks Spanish.

When we saw it at the first debate back in June, O’Rourke’s use of Spanish language took us all by surprise. But now, by this point, it seems like we’re pretty much used to it, and his cambio (change, for those of you non-Spanish speakers) in language garnered far less media attention. Still, make sure to keep an ear out for the Texas native’s foreign flare.

Take a shot (of water) every time you realize you forgot Tom Steyer exists.

Isn’t it incredible how, no matter how many times you see Tom Steyer, you can never quite seem to remember what the man looks like? Even when he, a billionaire, called for no more billionaires, our memory of him continues to be so incredibly bad. Take a shot every time Steyer’s face enters the screen and you have to stop and take a second to remember that this random man on your TV (or laptop, or iPhone), is, in fact, a legitimate Democratic primary candidate.

Take a shot (of water) whenever Buttigieg and O’Rourke kind of look like exactly the same person.

In the midst of a heated debate between Buttigieg and O’Rourke in which Buttigieg attacked a mandatory assault weapon buyback that O’Rourke has previously been accused of being unable to fully explain, one can’t help but notice the striking similarities in appearance between the two candidates. I mean, come on, they’re even wearing the same color ties.

Take a shot (of water) whenever Cory Booker spreads the love.

Would it even be a real Democratic debate if Booker didn’t all but sing "Kumbaya" in the spirit of love? Sometimes, he’s urging the Democrats not to tear each other down (on the stage of a debate, where the tearing down typically takes place), and sometimes, he’s using the word “love” seven separate times in his answer to a single question. Booker really makes it seem like all you need is a little love to bring the country together in one big, metaphorical group hug. If only it were that easy.

Now, that you’re superduper hydrated, I’m here to remind you that this drinking game, while both fun and informative, should not be used as a comprehensive analysis of the debate. Check out analysis by The New York Times or Vox to bring your political knowledge to the next level.

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