The pandmeic has taken away many of the hallmarks of college life. Some, for better or worse, will eventually return. Others are gone for good. One of these lasting changes is the loss of some of our favorite Evanston haunts: Never again will you be able to stop by Andy's on a weeknight after a particularly bad midterm or make a Saturday morning run to Unicorn cafe for a chai latte. So, one last time, take a trip with us and find out what recently closed Evanston restaurant you are.

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What's the most haunted place on campus?

The basement of Deering — those flickering lights and scary archives get me every time.
University Hall — there's definitely a ghost in that attic.
The steam tunnels — legend has it a first-year wandered down there and was never seen again.

How've you been doing this quarter?

There are dumpster fires more successful than me
I'm probably the only person thriving, and I'm a little scared to admit it.
Eh, I'm doing decently mediocre — Zoom fatigue is real

Lesser of dining hall evils?

Allison (Do you... do you have taste buds?)
Sargent (Who hurt you?)
Plex (Are you alright?)

Your Zoom background?

"This is fine." meme
Just my bedroom wall.
The Arch or other NU landmark

How are you trying to recreate the on-campus experience?

Harassing everyone to register for NUDM
Oversleeping and then rolling over in bed to log in late to your 9:40 a.m.
Drinking shitty beer in your basement with the thermostat too high to get that frat party feeling

Which student org do you most frequently mock?

Greek life — the parties are obnoxious, and don't even get me started on the inherent discrimination.
The DailyNBN is life bb
Theatre bords — how do they manage to do pub pushes in a pandemic?

Your Norbucks order of pre-COVID times?

Three straight shots of espresso
Iced caramel macchiato
Dragonfruit refresher

You got...


You love the chase of becoming as quirky as possible. In quarantine, you probably perfected your baking skills, made roller skating TikToks and started a side hustle. You have far too sophisticated taste to ever touch 99-cent ramen.


You got...


You are #NotThriving. Life sucks, Zoom sucks, the world sucks and you spend most of the day in bed. You live for bread bowls and giant cookies to numb the pain with a carb-induced insulin rush. Netflix is the only thing you chill with as deadlines fly by because time has no meaning and life is pointless anyway.


You got...


You're like those giant sundaes: beautiful, but overhyped. You're an extrovert with wild memories from North Campus dorms, and there's a good chance you put the wasted in Northwasted.



Caffeine addiction is your main personality trait. Your notes are probably color-coded and hyper-organized to hide your paralyzing fear of failure beneath pastel highligher. You're a coffee snob and have quite possibly been considered a snob in general.