It’s that time of year again where we hope to don less clothing and have beach days, where the sun shines brightly even on the dreariest of midterm days and when prospective students ogle at the Northwestern fashion scene.

Alas, it was spring for a week and now we’re back to winter. In the interim, though, here are 6 fashion trends to look out for this Spring!

1. Y2K meets cottagecore

Are we surprised? Honestly, the Gen Z spin that Euphoria put on Y2K style has everyone in a chokehold. Layers; unique cuts and stitching; and those darn little bows are so in for spring.  

You can recreate this trend with a cami, oversize beige jacket, hair ribbon and simple skirt.

2. Long and structured silhouettes

We know that long, structured jean skirts were in this past fall. The spring version is lighter denim and more structured linen maxi skirts!

Linen, structure and classic silhouettes are the way to go this spring, like Sophie Richie's wedding weekend look.

3. Flowy too (for the cottagecore/milkmaid gals in our midst)

A detailed, frilled top with a simple maxi skirt is a timeless take on the trend.

4. Suits: a staple of androgynous style

For all you Northwestern students trying to get those coveted internships, suits are in! Tight pants are gone in favor of looser, more oversized fits, and androgynous colors and styles. Monochrome especially is in, but make sure your suits are a little more form-fitting for the office. Another big thing: paneling. Mugler has been using paneling in nearly all their designs this spring/summer – as seen by Bad Bunny onstage at Coachella!

Get inspired with these examples of oversize suits in monochrome styles!

5. Lace and overlays

Paneling and layering different fabrics is another runway trend making its way into stores! Sophie Richie utilized this in her wedding looks, and Doja Cat just donned a dress following the trend in a risque fashion at the Time 100 gala in April. Overall, cottagecore-meets-grunge is really in right now. Using lace and overlay shirts and pants or skirts together is very on-trend.

6. Color!

Finally, don’t be afraid to experiment with color! Many celebs right now are sticking to basic, neutral-and-jeans combinations, but runways are full of color. Pair complementary colors with each other and not just with blue jeans. Spring is the perfect time to experiment with different combinations because everything is fair game.

From Fe Noel’s spring 2023 ready-to-wear: Smooth, colorful and flower-printed maxi dresses are an easy outfit for class to a night out to a chic office-wear alternative.

Thumbnail image courtesy of Vogue Runway / Twitter