As soon as the house lights dimmed and the crowd began screaming, I knew Kim Petras’ Feed the Beast Tour would be one of the best concert productions I’ve attended. The sets, costume changes, opt-ups and riffs from the talented singer were far from disappointing, and I can’t rave about her talented dancers enough.

Opener Alex Chapman djed a set fit for the millennial-laden, queer-coded crowd (Petras later referenced the crowd as “gays” to tumultuous cheers), that was bop after bop. My fellow photographers and I were dancing through the whole thing! It was Chapman’s hometown show, adding a special sentimental moment to the night when he shouted out his family watching along with us.

When Petras rose up in a metal sarcophagus, I was gagged. Literally.

I purposefully went into the show knowing very little about Petras and her music beyond her infamous collaboration with pop singer Sam Smith, “Unholy. Her music, though, spans from sex-positive anthems that embrace her sexuality, power and divine femininity to emotional ballads that show off her incredible voice. She has a very sweet, melodic tone and riffs sound second-nature to her, no matter how complex. At one point in the concert, her in-ears malfunctioned but she continued singing like the professional she is.

Her stage presence was electric; she commanded the stairway-stage and led her dancers in an erotic set full of dance breaks and a makeout session or two.

The pop star changed her outfit at least four times – at one point, she stripped to a bra and panties to the delight of the audience. Her entire set was focused on embracing your sexuality, your sex appeal, and not being afraid to show it.

It was such a polite concert environment, too; everyone I encountered was kind and complementary of each other’s fits; I had never been surrounded by so much glitter and rhinestones, and fishnets and leather in my life!

Petras commanded the stage with power and a sexy persona, making it impossible to look anywhere but at her. The small stage in comparison to the Aragon Ballroom’s capacity made the show feel even more incendiary; a combination of the lighting effects, screen and visuals and dance sequences made everything feel so much larger in scale.

Overall, while Petras’ music is not a style I’m familiar with, it was a show that made me a fan.

This beast was definitely fed.