When I pitched this article idea a week ago, I was wearing a dress and sandals. Later that same day, after seeing how warm it would be, I texted my friends saying, “It’s so warm, let’s do something!” They responded with a simple, “Something like what?” I honestly had no idea what to suggest.

The truth is that it’s easy to get stuck in the same routine during the winter. We’re used to making the go-to hangout a Netflix watch party and staying indoors as much as possible to hide from the cold. Now that spring has sprung –  ignoring how cold it’s been the last week – we need to think of other things to do so we can enjoy the warmth and come out of hibernation. If this seems like too much of a challenge, you’re not alone. Luckily, I’ve been racking my brain for some time now to come up with the spring activities listed below.

1. Spend time at the Lakefill

As a Lakefill fan myself, I can assure you that going to the Lakefill can change your day, even if it's only for an hour. If you want to make the experience even nicer, you can buy a hammock for the inexpensive price of $18 on Amazon and take the afternoon to sleep, read a book or study while you swing in the Evanston breeze. You can also take advantage of the warmer weather with a group of friends by ditching the hammock (or adding a few more) and having a picnic on the Lakefill. Buying one of Lisa’s sandwiches or a pizza from Mod is a quick and inexpensive way to enjoy an amazing day with a breathtaking view.


2. Visit one of the beaches on campus

If laying on the grassy Lakefill isn’t for you, going to the beach on either south or north campus is a perfect alternative. Whether for a date, hanging out with friends or a quiet study session by yourself, the beach can be the ideal spot.  

3. Study outdoors

Now that the weather has become our friend and we can finally come out of hibernation, the number of possibilities for where to study has increased. From the tables outside Norris to the ones outside Lisa’s cafe up north, studying outdoors is the perfect way to stay focused during the quarter and still enjoy the spring.

4. Exercise outside

Now that we don’t have the fear of thermal shock, exercising outside – whether this means soccer, frisbee or running to the Bahá’í Temple – is a must.


5. Actually dive into Lake Michigan

I know it might seem scary, but taking a dive into Lake Michigan after appreciating its view for so long only makes sense. Although you’ll only be able to last in the cold water for a few minutes, isn’t a dip in those ubiquitous waters the ultimate goal of any Wildcat?


6. Wear a bathing suit

Being Brazilian, wearing a bikini is like second nature to me. But ever since the beginning of Winter Quarter, I’ve been so covered in layers that wearing a bikini is a distant memory. Therefore, one of my most pressing goals is to be able to wear them again and enjoy the freedom.

7. Adhere to spring fashion

One of the biggest perks of having seasons is that what you wear also changes with the weather. In the spring, we don’t have to layer in thermals anymore and can finally start wearing short sleeves, shorts, skirts and dresses. Spring fashion also marks the beginning of patterns that are more fun, like florals!

8. Wear open-toed shoes

Wearing boots and tennis shoes day after day can be a bit tiring. Not only can you get blisters, but cleaning dirty socks every week can also drive anyone a little crazy. That’s why we need to enjoy the warmth and start changing our shoe habits with our clothing. Finally being able to wear open-toed shoes – like Birkenstocks, sandals or Havaianas – is a true luxury. Enjoy it!

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9. Eat ice cream in Evanston

I’ve always been one of those people that insists that the food we eat needs to match the weather. When it’s cold, drink some hot chocolate. When it’s hot, have some ice cream. Now that it’s considerably warmer, it’s the perfect time to drop by Andy’s, Cold Stone or Kilwins for some long-awaited cold treats!