In a 2018 Vogue interview, the Chief Marketing Officer of Victoria’s Secret, Ed Razek, said that given that the VS fashion show is an idyllic “fantasy”, he does not hire transwomen or plus-size women for the show.

Although Razek later backtracked, saying that he attempted to do a plus-size show in 2000 and blaming his lack of inclusion on minimal interest, his comments sparked backlash from both the transgender and plus-size communities.

With this in mind, whether or not we are members of these communities, we should come together against these fatphobic and transphobic remarks.

What does this mean exactly?

This means venturing out to other lingerie brands to buy anything we would have previously bought from Victoria’s Secret. To help in this search, below we’ve gathered five top lingerie brands that have amazing pieces, affordable prices and most of all, that promote diversity and inclusivity.

1.  Savage X Fenty

Photo by Savage X Fenty

Rihanna made headlines in September 2018 when she showcased her newest lingerie collection in New York Fashion Week. Featuring women with all variations of skin tones, sizes and bodies, Rihanna’s body positive brand was a recipe for success. Bras vary in price from $20 to $58 and undies are anywhere between $12.50 and $34. Not only are you saving money by shopping at Savage X Fenty, as these sets are significantly cheaper than Victoria’s Secret’s sets, but you’re also supporting Rihanna. Bonus: the brand’s newest Metallic Lace High-Waist Brief Trio is the perfect set to celebrate your purple pride.

Photo by Savage X Fenty

2. Aerie by American Eagle

Besides the cute jeans and tops you can find in American Eagle stores across the U.S., American Eagle also has an entire sub-brand dedicated to women’s delicates: Aerie. Body positivity can be seen in everything from their ads to their product photos. Aerie uses “Role Models,” women activists and athletes, to model their lingerie and does not airbrush any of its photos. Additionally, bras range from $9.30 to $36, while panties vary in price from $9.50 to $14.50. Just like Victoria’s Secret, Aerie also has special offers like 10 undies for $35. You can feel especially good rocking your strappy bralette by the Lakefill knowing that unlike Victoria’s Secret, Aerie supports all women.

Aerie Real Happy Wireless Push Up Bra. Photo by Aerie

3. ThirdLove

Launched in 2013, ThirdLove’s mission is to give every woman a bra that fits perfectly. To do this, the brand used measurements of over millions of women as data for us to now be able to find our perfect fit. Before buying a bra, customers have to answer questions in the ThirdLove "Fit Finder." You might be surprised at what your ideal bra size actually is! Although bras average around $70 each, the top-rated $68 Classic T-Shirt Bra is hailed as a lifelong investment. Back pains after a three-hour lecture, no more!

Photo by ThirdLove

4. Lively

Lively, a retailer that sells bras, bralettes, undies and swimwear, was created by an alum of Victoria’s Secret itself, Michelle Cordeiro Grant. After years as an executive leader of VS, Grant decided to create her own business with very different rules. Lively does not offer sales or markdowns. All bras cost the same – $35 – and all undies have the same price of $10. Most importantly, Lively emphasizes body diversity and has the goal of providing the ideal bra for every shape and size. Whether you’re searching for a new sports bra for your SPAC workouts or a cute push-up for your next darty, you can find inclusive styles at

The Seamless Busty Bralette. Photo by Lively. 

It may be easy to simply brush off comments made by high-power entrepreneurs like Abercrombie’s CEO and Ed Razek himself. But if buying from one of the brands above instead of buying from Victoria’s Secret again means helping the fight against fat shaming and transphobia, isn’t it worth it?