Winter 2022 Magazine

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Winter 2022 Magazine

Letter from the Editor



A word with Van Wart

A Northwestern professor shares advice from her unconventional career path.

Abdormal activity

Northwestern students explore their passions in the confines of their dorms.

A familiar taste

Students connect with their culture's cuisine while away from home.

In the bartending spirit

Northwestern students who gave mixology a shot.

The org that got away

Resurrecting and remembering Northwestern clubs.

Painting with a purpose

Evanston street artist The Guy Who Cares has a simple message: "stay as you are."

Dance Floor


How content creators are sharing the Northwestern experience.

The rainbow connection

Northwestern's Rainbow Alliance celebrates five decades of support and advocacy for LGBTQ+ students.

Cracking the code

Reckoning with exclusivity in computer science.

Preserving the past

Students help record the stories of Black Evanstonians.

No sick days

Students struggle to balance wellbeing and academics.

Redefining The Block

New exhibitions reflect a commitment to inclusivity.

The Fab Four meets the Big 10

Northwestern's connection to Beatlemania.

Where credit is due

How two of Northwestern's dance teams attempt to acknowledge Black culture's influence.


Indigenous voices

Indigenous students speak about their experience at Northwestern.

Living with loss

How Northwestern students cope with losing loved ones.

The social tuition

Low-income students navigate Northwestern's expensive social scene.

Photo Story

Meet Northwestern royalty

Three Northwestern performers share their drag journeys.


Bad & boozy

We're drunk and (embarassingly) in love with these drinks.

Wildcat warnings

Northwestern's top 5 red flags.

Ven-mo money Ven-no problems

The financial advice you really need.

Seducing your professor 101

Putting sexy on the syllabus.

First (and last) date spots

Not the date we wanted, but the date we deserve.