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Virginia Nowakowski,
"At first glance, Jeremy McLellan hardly seems like a candidate to open for a week dedicated to learning more about Islam. However, the self-identified white, male, Christian comedian from South Carolina opened Discover Islam Week."
Maggie Harden,
The Muslim Cultural Student Association brings a variety of speakers to campus for their annual Discover Islam Week starting on Tuesday.

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Photo by romankac on Pixabay, licensed under Creative Commons
Don't let the weather reign
"The clouds are weeping and pouring as I walk the long way to class"
Pinterest / Jeanie Oldham
lingering questions
"I’m not sure if my Middle-Eastern father voted for Donald Trump."
the start of a movement
Elizabeth Warren may have been silenced in Senate, but her message still went viral.
Photo by Claire Bugos / North by Northwestern
bon appétit
Weinberg senior Arpan Doshi crafts elaborate meals for other students out of his apartment.
Photo courtesy of Ben and Robin Johnson.
anything is possible
Ben and Robin’s now 27-year love affair began as an innocent first encounter in the Hinman dining hall.
Where's Olivia Pope when you need her? We have all the info on the scandals from Trump's first month in office.

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Better Know a Neighborhood
Whether you’re looking for a new spot to hit the books, or a place to waste a few hours window shopping with friends, Roscoe Village provides the perfect escape.
Booze Blog
"While the ever-present availability of basement booze may appeal to the average college kid, occasionally, we need a semblance of something a bit more adult. The solution: apartment party, cocktail edition."
This is not a study abroad blog
One student abroad reminisces on the NU days of packed schedules and time management stress, almost starting to miss being too busy.
This is not a study abroad blog
"Being far away from the U.S., we've had to negotiate our country's new reality without the support system or resources we would've had back on campus."
This is not a study abroad blog
A student abroad in Scotland passes the time until her return to Evanston listening to tunes that match her emotions.
This is not a study abroad blog
Though Emma is all the way in South Africa, she can't escape the effects of the American election.
Halfway to Saturday
“This year he just has so much more control of the game, personally, that it’s starting to spread throughout the entire offense and everyone else is calming down.”
This is not a study abroad blog
"College taught me how to rely on myself and how to spend time alone. Spain challenges me to do the opposite."

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