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Mia Zanzucchi,
“We do not know who was responsible for posting the signs, but do know that such signs have been posted on college campuses around the country as a part of an alt-right scheme.”
Yoonjie Park,
"I feel like they really let their boundaries down, and it was very visible that it was a difficult topic, but they spoke about it with a lot of courage."

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Image by Eva Rinaldi on Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons
When fractured glass is in a circle surrounding you You need to pick up the pieces
Move over, bikers! There's a trend that might start hitting the new Sheridan Road bike lane sometime soon.
Steam pipes
A secret passage way (or not?) underground.
wikimedia commons
Political campaign done right
"I thought it'd be a fun way to highlight one of Daniel's more questionable skills, which is his ability to juggle fire.”
mia zanzucchi / north by northwestern
sunday never happened
Playing their fourth game in eight days with a bench that hasn't contributed much, to say the 'Cats struggled Sunday would be an understatement.
Gif from on Giphy.
home away from home
Although not all students will be returning home for Thanksgiving, students staying on campus in no way have to miss out on the holiday.

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On the big screen, you become totally lost in the atmospheric, sci-fi noir world that the original 1982 Blade Runner revolutionized the genre with.
Halfway to Saturday
Yes, it was Bowling Green. But the strategy of sharing the ball in the backfield clearly paid off and should be considered in the future.
Halfway to Saturday
NU's win over Nevada leaves us with cause for concern. The play in the trenches, on both the offensive and defensive side, left much to be desired.
This Is My Jam
All Time Low guarantees an all time high. And here are the arguments for that.
This Is My Jam
What have the ex-One Direction boys been up to after the band's breakup?
Better Know a Neighborhood
Just a few miles south of Evanston lies the neighborhood of North Center, an area with a charming suburbia vibe full of sights to see for anyone of any age.
Life Skills
NBN's guide for how to dress for professional occasions.

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