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Jason Mast,
NU's president discussed the formation of a socially responsible investing committee with representatives from all three student divestment movements.
Amal Ahmed,
Senate confirmed six VPs during Wednesday night's meeting.

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This is a thing that happens
With the NFL Draft in town, we took a look at some notable Wildcats who have made the jump to the NFL.
Head in the game
"Because you could go anywhere in your decision pool and be okay, but here is where you’re best."
Photo by Ethan Dlugie / North by Northwestern
"It’s a completely original story. The only source material we have is the fact that the Oregon Trail happened."
Photo by Cassi Saari / North by Northwestern (2010)
A NU Direction
Northwestern is the "annoying people school" – but that's okay. At least, now it is.
Photo by Eric Fredericks. Photo licensed under Creative Commons.
We love college
Give your parents a campus tour; leave in the dirty deets.
photo courtesy of The Blackout
Please Clap
The creator of Northwestern's first and only late night talk show, Chelsea Jacobson, shares tips and tricks on campus comedy.

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Get sprung with spring's tastiest drinks.
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If your spring break was more about SPF coverage than news coverage, NBN’s got your back. Here’s what you missed ...
Better Know a Neighborhood
The Museum Campus area slightly south of Grant Park is a gem that deserves more attention.
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Feeling pleasure can come from many sources, even yourself. Learn the tricks for mastering female masturbation.
Dance Marathon 2016
As Block 10 arrives, the sex drive amongst the guys has waned, while that of the girls has all but ...
Dance Marathon 2016
Buffett, probably saying smart stuff about money. Photo by thetaxhaven/Licensed under Creative Commons via Flickr Long known as the "Oracle ...

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